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IPF (and so much more)

Hello to all! My name is Renee from Canada. I have IPF I think maybe stage 4 by now and am on oxygen 24/7 between 4 for sleeping and 15 on exertion. This really sucks having to drag around oxygen tanks. Not to mention that doing so takes even more energy away from me. My IPF apparently was brought on by Rheumatoid arthritis (which also is pretty painful and exhausting when I have bouts) also have been diagnosed with COPD and have been treated with three rounds of chemo for P-ANCA vasculitis (small vessel). Type 2 Diabetes

Last year I had a heart attack and had three stents placed on right side which has helped tremendously with my Angina. My Shortness of breath is the worst as it stops me from doing so many things. I am with walker in the home and an oxygen hose dragging around. I am 60 year old woman (young 60 though) and just became a grandmother for the first time. I was thinking of doping the Hydrogen peroxide H202 thing and have the supplies but I am unsure if it is ok to do with all of the meds I am on. Don't really want to discuss it with my team of pulmonologists in the event that they fire me as a patient. LOL (they are world class Doctors, so I would not want to loose them as a team.. they are amazing.

Any one out here know if it is ok to do this cleanse while on medications.... I have many! (prednisone, 81 mg aspirne, advair, spiriva, ventolin, pantoprazole sodium, pentoxophyllan, rosuvastatin, clopidogrel, bisoprolol, Metformin,ondansatron hel dihydrate,)insulin, Imuran,

Thanks everyone! Glad I found this blog.

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Hi Renee. Sounds like you've got a lot to deal with, but I'm sorry that I can't advise you. Just wanted to say hello and welcome. I'm sure that someone will be along soon who can be of more assistance.

Take care.



A very warm welcome to you reneelp.

love cx


A very warm welcome Renee, hope you enjoy being a member of our friendly forum.

I'm afraid none of us are qualified to give you the advice you need. We don't have the expertise that you need.

You sound like you have a lot to deal with & I would think you should discuss any change of meds with your team.

Congratulations on becoming a grandmother. How lovely to have a new baby in the family.

Let us know how you get on & come back to join in our chats 💐

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Good to meet you Renee and what a lot you have on your plate! Hope to hear more from you. Xxxxx


Greetings and welcome ,.



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