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Dear All

I know I'm probably known more for jokes and comments to other peoples posts. But I do take my Asthma and all thoracic issues very seriously.

I will one day post what I find most efficacious in terms of activity, lifestyle and exercise,

But as a taster two things. Firstly, I used to teach Tai Chi, more especially the health giving side known as Chi Gong (healthy movement). I would commend -Tai Chi breathing as a simple and effective exercise. I can describe it if you are interested. Plenty on YouTube, some worth looking at. Secondly, I subscribe to a number of US medical sites. They tend to be less secretive closed user, more open in discussing R&D. Recommend this site Medical News Today as one worth contacting if you are interested in the medical side-written by Scientists and Drs for their peers. I had no problems in getting their weekly news letter emailed. Piece today on COPD and diet. This time it comes with benefit of peer reviews.

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  • Just watching other people performing Tai Chi makes me feel better. I would be very interested in your description.

  • Hi Don

    Happy to put something together for you. One problem. We are limited on the number of characters on these posts. I don't want to break any rules nor circumvent the main idea behind the posts. I could email you direct if that would not cause any issues with admin.

  • Perhaps you would give your opinion on Dr Paul Lam's free lessons and introduction shown on YouTube? I'm sure Tai Chi could be of great benefit, not only with breathing problems, but also with generating a feel good factor. COPD is so demoralising. I'll gladly PM my email address, but it would be a pity if other members couldn't be informed as well.

  • Don

    Your so right. We would all benefit from help with breathing and lifting spirits. What I will do is start off with first breathing exercise called Dantien up and down. To be followed by 2 and 3 and then a mood lifting exercise. All slow and not strenuous. I will have to truncate language so it may not read grammatically correct. So if your ok with that. I'll start asap.

  • I'm ready. Watch out for Katinka46 as regards the grammar, she even expects my dog to be grammatically correct! :-o

  • its nice to read your jokes ,maybe not a medical post but it makes us laugh which is kind of a medicine so carry on with the jokes ,

  • I like Tai Chi and have a book on it. Must find a good DVD. Xxx

  • Hello! how wonderful I have stumbled across this forum. I think it is fantastic you participate in Tai Chi. I am always encouraging others to do yoga or tai chi....the diaphragmatic breathing is very important to lung health, this is one of the first classes taught to COPD patients. Keep up the good work!


  • Thank you for your wonderful supportive post. The health unlocked website is run as a self help, self supporting group, with great input from UK lung charities. The contributers are an amazing collective. I'm sure your input would help the many contributors.


  • I've joined a 6 week "taster" course for tai chi, have done 3 so far & no talk of breathing at all!

  • It is difficult for me, also inappropriate to comment on others methods. Lìke other Martial arts there are different schools with different emphasis. Tai Chi was developed as a Martial Art, Chi Gong the health giving effects were noted and needed by martial practioners to reach higher levels. Whilst I trained in both aspects, my interests moved, more especially as I grew older, into health aspects. I also became interested and schooled in Reiki.

    I make no claims for any of this but I can only relate it to my own experiences

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