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Stay Active Stay Well exercise DVD


Hi everyone,

I'm not sure if everyone is aware, but BLF has produced a really good (and free!) 'Stay Active Stay Well' DVD available for order from our website - it's a really good product which goes through different breathing techniques and exercises that people with respiratory conditions can try at home.

You can order up to 3 copies free of charge from this page of our website:

If you haven't got access to a DVD player, you could always order our free 'Pulmonary Rehabilitation and Exercise booklet' which also has lots of really useful information on things you can try. You can also order up to 3 copies for free from here:

If you would like an in-depth guide to exercising which covers things like How exercise can help you, How to exercise safely, Positions to ease breathlessness, a weekly home exercise record and also a daily walking record, then our exercise handbook may be worth ordering. It is £5 if you'd like to order one - click on the link below for more details.

(postage to UK residents is free, there may be a charge for postage to overseas addresses)

Thanks everyone :-)


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Thank you Ben, will take a look. I'm sure the above items will be very useful to many of us here 🌼

Jessy11 in reply to Jessy11

Have ordered the DVD & some booklets I thought might be handy to have, thanks very much. Have a good day 🌻

Thanks Ben.....I have the DVD already , it's excellent.

1803sioban in reply to knitter

Thank you Ben. I have just ordered it.


Thanks Ben, just ordered 2 DVD's. xxxx

Thank you. Ordered & left donation to cover a bit of the costs

Hi I have just placed an order but at the last minute the computer timed out so I don't know if the order will process. How can I find out please?


HiddenAdministrator in reply to Jneverlands

Hi Jneverlands did you receive a confirmation email? If not, PM me your name and address and I'll check to see if it went through for you :-)



Jneverlands in reply to Hidden

Thanks Ben I went back in and saw the items were still in the basket so went through again have the confirmation email now. Cheers for that. What a good site will make good use of that. Mt husband is struggling at the moment .

HiddenAdministrator in reply to Jneverlands

Ah great to hear that it's now gone through! There's lots of good information and advice on the site, I do hope that you find it useful.

If you, or your husband, ever want to have a chat with one of our helpline nurses, you're more than welcome to give us a ring on 03000 030 555 and one of our nurses will be happy to offer advice and support :-)


Jneverlands in reply to Hidden

Thanks for that Ben

Drirvine1 in reply to Hidden

thanks for info Ben. Have ordered dvd

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