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Portable Oxygen Concentrator- Inogen One G3

Looking to buy Portable Oxygen Concentrator- Inogen One G3.

Let me know if anybody interested to sale.

Many thanks

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Hi there anupal

Re- concentrator you can't buy it without consaultants signature you need auto of consaultants to buy these products as they are expensive and people's life depeads on them machines plz seek advise before buying as to much oxygen is corbonmoxcide I have respeitoty type 2 I know if you need more oxygen then ask air liquide or your consultant they will add more cans safely rest is up to you to take my advise or bin it lol foxy take care


Hi, Foxy. Too much oxygen can mean high levels of carbon dioxide (CO2) not carbon monoxide (CO) but the poster is seeking to buy a used machine which needs no prescription at all.


Hi Toci

Do you know if you have chest infection and have completed a rescue pack and doesn't work or still have infection left can you start a another rescue pack I have two kind of rescue pack ciprofulcion and clarytamiycion I'm not to sure as all symptoms show it's infection like last time but I feel much better know that I have started claryamiycin with ciprofuxcilin didn't work as last time as well couldn't kill the bugs do you know to start as I have done it it's my 2nd day never done this before. Thanks reply


Hi I have an inogen G3 concentrator with charger,2 batteries!car charger

Less than a year old

Could you Please let me know if you're interest


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