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Bronchiectasis And Things Your GP Won't Tell You

Bronchiectasis And Things Your GP Won't Tell You

Having done quite a bit of suffering + research it's quite apparent doctors mainly GP's try to cut cost at expense of your health.

For past year i have been banging on to my GP re referring me to immunologist given my uncontrolled infection rate.

Also have not read in BLF paper work leaflets that if you have Bronchiectasis there is good chance you will have immunity issues and also your Bronchiectasis could be result of granulomatous or Scardosis diseases and referrals to immunologist go hand in hand.

As uncontrolled Bronchiectasis can cause your disease or diseases to progress.

Needless to say i have Bronchiectasis and granulomatous my x gp thought was cancer.

My doctors i.e GP said i have to have condition to be referred to immunty doctor.

Er HALLO Bronchiectasis granulomatous disease and joint bone pain is not enough as well as immunity issues.

Its just good job am not neurotic or would think the trying to kill me threw in action.

Also my lung doctor is addressing Immunity issues BUT i was told usually thats not respority medicines job as its up to gp to refer us.

Here is artical that explains further and better than i ever could.

Is shocking HOW gps know pathology of lung diseases AND try to hide full extent of disease from you.

You can understand partly BUT when you describe various symtoms and the know .. yet look at you like a loon NOW thats not on.

Curantly my GP wont do any imaging as the say i have had to many xrays and its dangerous.

Am looking into private bone density scan AS my gp wont do one for bone pain.

But what i never knew Bronchiectasis and granulomatous disease and bone pain could be result of hypogammaglobulinaemia and should be checked out by immunity doctor.

Is shocking how try hide truth from you BUT at cost of your health.

Am due to have my IGM injections BUT as you can see if your Bronchiectasis granulomatous disease suffer chances of that are very limited in my opinion.

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Hi I am seeing an immunologist at the moment and it was my resp consultant who referred me. I put up a post about the letter I got from the immunologist to day. Sorry your medical team are no help just keep going on about it to them. They are based in Newcastle. But one was coming to a hospital near where I live so I saw her there.

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Hi cheers i seen letter but eye sights not that great.

Glad you seeing one as am sure the can help with our issues.

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Thank you I don't have bronchiectasis. Please keep on at your doctor about it.

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Hi Nottobad Cheers hope all go's well with your appontments.

I dont plan on letting my GPs away with anything.

Between all my gps the done enough damage Its only my lung doc that saved me.

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Good luck to you too Jeff surely then your lung doctor can referr you. Take care it's not right that you have to fight for everything. I am not being funny but I am glad my dad moved to Scotland when he did I was born in England. Or I would be finding it hard to get help. Take care .

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Englands not what it was .. People protest more over trump than whats happing to them self in the own country.

Hows thats work BEATs me but as long as i get my care .. I dont worry.

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Keep fighting on JAS and thank goodness you are finding out lots of info. Now just to get the doctor to listen to you. Xxx


Hi sasssy cheers thanks defo planing too :)

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Jeff, you're a better man then me, if you were able to understand all that. I read the article but couldn't make head nor tail of it :)

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Hi Billiejean2 Am sure am not really.

But dose explain pathology of issues had in chronicle order.

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You obviously concentrated on it and I must admit I read through it pretty quickly. I'm convinced they make this medical lingo so difficult as to discourage patients from reading up on their conditions :)

Don't think your wrong there some books on cell biolagy refer to us as animals.

Was reading uk is trying to stop medical txt being made publicly available.

The trialing it with medical records and free txt.

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I have been seeing an immunologist for several months and have had various tests and tried different meds. I was referred to respiratory dept by gp, and they sent me to immunology, and now endocrinology. I have no complaints about my local hospital or my named gp, who I try to see every time. Now the local orthopaedic hospital is another matter!

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