Hi everyone, I've just joined the site, as diagnosed with COPD ,always thought I had asthma, visit clinic every 6 months, and a new nurse told me I had COPD,, I've had 2 ecaberations (hope spelling is correct) quite close together recently and have his persistent really bad cough especially at night, I have been prescribed prednisolone, antibiotics, spiriva inhaler, have been using Fostair and Salbutamol for a long while, I have had X-ray and blood tests to rule out other things, all came back normal. is it normal to have this debilitating cough, would just like to hear others experiences as concerned now that obviously this is quite a serious condition, hoping to hear from someone!

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  • Hi vrissianna and welcome to the site. Hopefully others will be along to chat to you soon. :)

  • Hi and welcome to the site. I was dx with COPD in 2006.. And have had many exacerbations . And always find the cough is the last thing to clear up. You might need more abs and steroids. So may be go back to your GP. If you smoke it is a good time to stop . As that will slowdown the progression. Ask your GP to referr you to pulminaory rehab. That is a exersice and education course for people with lung problems . COPD is not nice but not a death sentance. Take care xx

  • Thank you so much for your response to my queries, i"m still using the abs and steroids only three days into treatment, i was a smoker ,gave up about 25 years ago, but nurse told me this is the contributing factor to my condition, I like the sound of the rehab, as I don't exercise too much, unless its swimming (in the med or somewhere) not a big fan of winter, ! once again thanks for responding as I have been concerned. Take care too x

  • If you don't feel any better after you have finished the course of meds you are on go back you your gp. Sometimes we have to have more than one course of abs and steroids. And the cough can really be annoying at times but you will get used to it. Just eat healthfully and exercise. And live your life as normally as you can. Did they say what stage you are at . I am stage 2 moderate at the moment if you want more information about copd just use BLF or NHS choice web sites they are the ones that give the right information. X

  • Yes I will definitely go back to my GP if it hasn't improved, i am mild to moderate apparently, Thanks x

  • Hello and welcome to the site. Don't worry to much about your cough, but if you are then please go and see your GP. Let us know how you get on. Love Bernadette 😊 xxx

  • Thanks for responding, as I have been quite concerned, I am taking antibiotics and steroids, only 3 days in, but will go back to my GP if it hasn't cleared up, once again thanks for responding Bernadette xx

  • Always ready to listen any timexxx😊

  • Thanks so much for responding x

  • Welcome to HU Vrissiana ! I usually find that it takes until Day 5 on abx or steroids, to feel any improvement. I hope your meds start working soon.

  • Hello vrissianna . I don't have much to add but wanted to say hello and welcome. This is a fantastic place to get and give support. Hoping to hear lots more from you.

    Cas xx 🎶

  • Hello and welcome, to answer your cough problem yes it is quite normal to have the cough but it is possible to be free of it, use any antibiotics and steroids prescribed. I have been using pure pineapple juice for a while now if I have a cough and find that works far better than any cough syrup don't buy from concentrate though must be the pure juice. I have had COPD now for around 27 years and am fortunate enough to only normally have a cough following a chest infection. Hope this helps you.

  • Greetings and welcome, I am just having my second set of steroids in 7 years. Cough very little normally, however we do have a golden rule which we try not to break .....No visitors if they have colds , that includes family. All friends and family understand and it's worked fairly well.

    We got caught out with this present infection with builders who we could not rearrange.


  • I have cops angena atheist in both of my sides of my legs

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