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Oh for the right antibiotic!

Thank you for so many replies ,just to know that there are people who understand what it feels like is a comfort,though I wouldn't wish this on anyone"

It's a coliforms bug that I have in my lungs which has been proving so hard to beat,cyproxin would be the ideal antibiotic but I'm allergic in a very strange way,tendonitis ,my Achilles' tendons almost went 9 years ago and it was cyproxin that was the cause,couldn't put my heels flat to the floor for a couple of years but never dreamt the cause of the pain could be an antibiotic,I was very lucky it was picked up before major damage was done,although it took almost two years for them to heal up,I'd been putting the pain down to fibromyalgia .

Cyproxin is the antibiotic that this bug is most sensitive to ,so I'm feeling a bit unlucky at the moment, I take my samples to the hospital myself as I've had so many go astray,at least when I hand them over I know they've got to their destination and are "box fresh" least I know they are in on the 3 hour window for sputum samples,it's just difficult as I don't drive. Hopefully will get one to the hospital tomorrow and see what happens next,this is such a persistent bug but not as frightening as pseudynomis can be(please excuse the spelling) I have been so close to death with that one on a few occasions and had numerous bouts of pneumonia,so many that I've lost count but because of other chronic conditions I'd fallen through respiratory radar for along time,and because I was so young when symptoms first started to present they weren't taken as seriously as they might have been if I'd been older,.

I was just 19 when my health took a dive and was diagnosed firstly with ulcerative colitis,then coeliac and liver disease(I'm a teetotaller) ,then kidney and muscles and always interspersed with serious chest infections and then pneumonia,it wasn't until I reached 40 and had a heart attack that things were taken more seriously concerning my lungs,as it turned out on admission in my early thirties it had been put in my notes that I was to be started on home oxygen but somehow I'd fallen through the cracks and by the time my forties came I am now too weak for a proper diagnosis so it's a bit of a guess that I have sarcoidosis/Bronchiactacsis,all a bit of a mess really,but now I feel I have become much more proactive in my treatment and try my best to keep on top of infection,although it can be difficult at times ,taking some things into my own hands has made me so much more positive,and I've had two years now without being rushed unconscious to hospital,so that's a real positive,3years in a row I'd almost succumbed and my family had been told to prepare themselves but the past two where I have taken some control have not had drama like that,thankfully,just this persistent coliforms infection that although annoying,exhausting and seeming to go on forever,there has been no drama,and I was even able to have my IV done at home,which was fantastic.

Thanks again everybody for taking the time to read my posts,I know how quickly a day goes when everything takes ten times longer to do!!

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Hi Stitcher,

Wow! That's some story. I really hope you get this infection identified and treated. Hang on tightly to your grip on being in control and proactive. It does seem to be getting you somewhere. Fingers crossed.

Do please let us know. Thinking of you, Sue xxx


Wow you poor thing it sounds like you have a terrible time from such a early age ,I hope they get you sorted and you start to feel better xxx


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