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Can anyone tell me what is involved in a Histamine Challenge test, never heard of it, know it's linked to Asthma diagnosis. Due to have one next week, GP says she doesn't know, Consultant said don't worry about all these test they are run of the mill, I will see you in three months and we will! Discuss everything then, quite dismissively I though, I know they are under time pressure but what's run of the mill for one person may be a major event for the uninitiated. Help please.

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  • Hi

    Reading matter for you.


  • Hi Stone

    Thanks for the link, does sound a bit of a trial as I am breathless most of the time and violent coughing is parr for the course but at least I now know. Thanks again

  • Hi rosalada. I had one last week at whythenshawe. They give ypu a lung function test which are various breathing tests first then ask you to inhale saline(salt water) they then ask you to inhale histamine which is a lung irritant for two minutes. They increase the dose every two minutes and record your breathing on a machine to look for drops in your oxygen levels. They stop when they see a 20 percent drop and then give you a ventolin nebuliser to reverse the lung constriction and then let you go when your peak flow levels go back up. I realise what i just told you sounds scary but theres staff there all around and they stop at the first sign of breathing problems. You just feel tight chested and your breathing slows down a bit when you get to your histamine peak . Also they will ask you if youve had a chest infevtion in the past six weeks as this affects readings. And try not to have you preventer inhaler and reliver on the day as this aldo affects the reading(im sure it will say this on your letter). Hood luck with it and honestly i know the picture ive just given you is a bit grimm and scary but its worth to see how bad your respitory problems are. Good luck!!

  • Hi Wartonk

    I am having my test done Wythenshaw so your answer was rely informative, as it test will be carried out exactly the same way.

    Yes it does sound unpleasant and a bit scary as I am breathless most of the time when not just sitting but Hey Hi you survived and I am others have so as a Trekkie would say boldly go but in this case we're thousands have gone before!!

    Thanks again

  • That's very interesting Wartonk but I wonder why they would choose this test over the FeNO test? I have never had either - my consultant just tells me that I have a '?Asthma' beside the diagnosis list in my file.

  • And dont worry i have a horrendous mucus cough and breathlessness all the time they are really good with you as the staff do these all the time. They just go until then can see the histamine is affecting you. Good luck and hope you do well on it.

  • Hey clare. Just goggled the feno test id never heard of it till u conmented. I think the histamine challenge is standard in uk for reactive breathing tests i know a few people whove had it but none of them had feno.

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