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Well been to stop smoking clinic today😊 got to hand a request form in at my doctors tomorrow for champix the lady at the smoking clinic explained all about champix and said she thinks I will be suitable for it told me I might get headaches and nausa but to try and stick with it , the shock for me is I have to keep smoking for the first couple weeks, they have given me a quit date for 28/ 2 cannot wait until I can say I'm a none smoker 😊 thanks to all the replys it really helps and make me feel more comfortable with my diognoises I know I can do this and lead a good life

Thank you all xx

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  • Hi I did it with champix 11 years ago I took mine at night before bed. As I remember your supposed to not want a cigarette between 8-14 days I think it was 10 days for me. I took champix for about 3 weeks after stopping good luck

  • Thank you for that I'm looking foward to stopping smoking and I'm sure I will do it xx

  • Good luck. If you need more help HU has a quit support site. You can follow. Take care xx

  • Very good luck to you...I'm sure you'll get there.

  • After trying everything else champix did it for me, that was eight years ago and I haven't looked back. A year after stopping smoking I was diagnosed with COPD and now on inhalers and doing fine. Good luck.

  • Hi I did it with champix too.. failed first time but second time stopped smoking that was 5years ago so it can be done good luck x

  • they worked for me and with no side affects at of luck

  • Champix is the wonder drug that finally made me quit for good after 40+ years of smoking. I cut down to 1 a day at the end of the 2 weeks, but I continued several days after to smoke a "last" cigarette just before going to bed. When my sister found this out, she went berserk & gave me a right telling off. So I stopped completely & the 5 second craving last thing at night gradually disappeared. It was so easy with Champix & I did continue to take it for a while just in case. The smell of smoke now makes me feel sick and a lot of exsmokers feel this way too. The really good thing about stopping is the unexpected feeling of euphoria, plus good health and more money in your pocket.

  • Well done. How interesting that you can't wait to start, and that they are almost insisting on you smoking for another two weeks!,, is that a kind of psychological ruse.

    All the best

  • I stopped 11 yrs ago with Champix, I found it so easy, I had stopped before my date as I didnt want to smoke. I had cut right down and was only smoking through habit not because I needed to. AS for the smell of smoke I didnt mind for ages whether they smoke near me, but now I hate it and move away from them. XX


  • Hi champix worked for me by the 8th day could not finish a whole cig as I felt ill now 4 years smoke free good luck xxmarian

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