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Well today my dad had his pip assesment, a young girl came to our house, she asked the same questions that was on the form we filled out.but she didn't ask the one about planing a journey, she did ask did my father does he go out and of course he does go out but I forgot to tell her that I do go with him most of the time.do you think this will affect his mobility rate, we did explain that he can't walk without the walking stick and he stops and starts, also she ask if dad sleeps upstairs, he said yes but sometimes he has had to sleep downstairs because of his breath he can't always get up the stairs, she then asked him to move his arms and lift his legs, he did it the best he could but not very well,I do hope my father gets his pip as his health has got worse not better, this government is really bad to disabled people they are so cruel

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  • Hi

    The mobility part of PIP covers physical disability ( hence the questions on moving around). It also covers mental health ( hence the questions on planning a journey , being accompanied etc)

    Although both may be applicable, I presume from your post that you father comes under physical disability.

    The outcome will not be affected by what you have mentioned.

    If you are not happy with the outcome ask for a reconsideration ( which is mandatory) at the same ask for the case papers, then you will see what was said by whom and any reaction from the DWP decision maker.

    Hopefully it will not come to that.

  • Thank you stone you always have good advice and your right my dad has physical disability, his condition is congenital dislocated patellar, so his leg gives way at any time also he has other conditions that doesn't help, but mental health is fine, I'm hoping all went well today but you never know maybe we will have to fight the decision but I'm hoping it's a good outcome x

  • good luck hope its a good out come for your dad , it can be very easy to think after oh I forgot to say this and that but it was wrote on the form they should know most of it , plus they should be able to get a good idea how you dad is when they asked him to move ,

  • Very true mmzetor and thank you for wishing him luck,you can kick yourself after they have gone,as there was so much we could have said but it was all over so fast, but like stone has said if we don't like the outcome we will ask for a mandatory, I'm hoping we don't have to do this,hope your having a good day x

  • Wishing your dad well Tillymay, it's great you help your dad and l hope he gets PIP. Xxxx

  • Thank you so much sassy, without me I don't think he would cope with all the stress,I'm hoping all goes well, and I hope you and Pete are both well take care xx

  • Good luck for your dad I am sure he will get it. I got standard rate for mobility as I could not walk more than 20 meters. With out an aid. And was 1 point away from getting enhanced rate for care. That. Was for the thing I had to help me As you do most things for your dad you get more points for that Take care xx

  • Thanks nottobad for your kind words my dad also could not walk this distance without stopping, and your right I do everything for him, but I'm sure he wished I didn't have to, take care and I will let you all know the outcome xx

  • Good luck to your dad hope he gets his pipxxx

  • Thank you Damon for your kind wishes xxx

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