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I have been sob with a cough about a month ago and had to use my rescue pack. I had a COPD check with the Drs last Friday and told him about how I was still sob so he checked my chest and said it was clear and that I seemed very anxious, I have to go back and see him in 5 weeks time. My son told me about a friend of theirs who has opened up a Salt Cave in her house I suppose a Franchise so tomorrow I am going for my free trial and it is supposed be relaxing as well as help with your breathing. If it helps I am going to take the option of 20 sessions I will try anything to help this sob problem. I have been using my aerosure and my Salt Pipe and these seem to be helping me so I am keeping my fingers crossed.

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  • Hey Jillyd, I have been coughing for over 2 years and there are days like today I cough so bad I start wheezing. I found out that I have formed allergies from my cat, dogs, dust, cut grass. Things I have never been allergic to. Check your house. Omg and perfumes kill me. Good luck...Danna

  • I remember the first time I was admitted to hospital with an asthma attack ( my first at age 46) the consultant asked me if I smoked ? Yes I said ,wrong answer he replied ,the next one will kill you ,,,, have you got a dog or vat or bird ,, ? No I said ,good he said ,, I was about to say get rid of them ,,,,harsh I thought ,,, and like you perfumes of hairsprays and the strong house cleaners,so for cleaning I use sugar soap as a general cleaner ,,,,,I know nothing at all about salt caves or the salt lamps ,

  • Hi ya. You mentioned salt lamps I just wondered if they help with breathing or t they totally different from salt caves. Thx Debbi x

  • I have a friend who goes to a salt cave a few times a week. And she finds it a great help. But as with anything what works for one does not work for another. Hope it helps you. Take care x

  • Thank you Nottobad it is worth a try if it helps nothing ventured nothing gained x

  • Enjoy your free trial and see how you feel after. I found the effect came a few hours later rather than at the time so don't rush into an expensive decision. Good luck.

  • I really hope this helps u. I to have been suffering since 2 weeks before Christmas with pleurisy & a chest infection that has come back 3 times xx

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