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Exercise classes in Essex

Hi All

My name is Pauline, I am a support worker and am currently supporting someone who would like to know if there are any gentle exercise classes in the Mid Essex Area. We have so far come up against a brick wall as the only class she could join she would need to have a referral from a GP first. Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated.

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If you are on this site then I assume your client has a diagnosed lung disease. So why is it not possible to go to the doctor who diagnosed this to get a referral?


Hi Pauline. It is lovely that you are wanting to help. Try here

You can put in her post code and see if there is a local Breathe Easy group. That would be a good place to start as they will have knowledge of what is in the area. Also try YouTube as there are several good videos of exercises to do for respiratory patients. Do a search on pulmonary exercises. I wish you luck.


Hi Pauline

I believe the BLF have a video exercise CD. But you may need to check it is still avaliable.

Any exercise is good (within personal limits). Stretching, going up and down stairs deliberately (sometimes I make myself use the stairs when the adverts come n the TV).

Just keep moving. And of course you should eagerly join in!

Good luck and let us know how you get on.

There is always someone here to help or talk to.


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While you're on the BLF site, check for local singing groups too. These provide gentle exercise and a lot of fun.

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HI many thanks I have already given her information for the Chelmsford Breathe Easy Group. I did a referral to Provide for her to meet the Health Trainer who gave her some information for an exercise group out Wickford way, however the phone number appears to be wrong and emails keep bouncing back to her. I will pass on your information to her and perhaps encourage her to join this forum.

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