Well here we go again...5days ago i ended up in hospital as my breathing had become so had got considerly worse since xmas..but last wk it was so bad gettin up to make a cuppa was exhausting..had to end up calling a ambulance becoz of breathing & chest it seems i now have blood clots on my lungs & a infection that has caused my breathing to be so bad at least they can treated with antibiotic & blood thinning injections..but the good thing that has come out of my 8th hospital stay in just over 2yrs is that my consultant has now arranged for occupational therapists/nurses , rocket team & chronis illness nurses to help we with my home guess my IPF has prob got worse but as i said to docs was i wanted them to treat the sypmtoms & illnesses that come with it so i can still have some standard of life & not just sitting at home rotting waiting til the end like i was feelin over the last few mths...maybe i will get a braak for abit & e,thing will settle for a couple of mths but im not holding my breath prob coz i cant

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  • I do hope you get the help you need Stevieboy and have a decent quality of life. Xxxxx

  • Thank u sassy59 😊

  • Stevieboy, I'm sure you will benefit from help the occupational health nurses can give you. You have had a rough time recently.

    Take all the help offered & hope you feel more comfortable & have a better quality of life.

    Take good care & let us know how you get on 🌸

  • I do hope that your consultant gets you all the help you need , Stevieboy, and it greatly improves things for you...about time too from the sound of it. Every good wish to you xxx

  • So sorry your breathing got so bad you had to be admitted, but glad they can treat you and that they're going to put in the help you need at home!

    You've had a rough time - I hope there are better times for you very soon. Sue xxx

  • Just want to say a massive thank u for all ur lovely caring very comforting that complete strangers care..shows there some amazing decent people around..cheers everyone x 😊

  • Just make sure you keep in touch and let us know how things go. And, yes, it's a pretty good site, isn't it? We're all very different but we share a lot in common and we do care about each other. 😊 x

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