Cold symptoms for 2months

Hi, wondering if anyone can help me. For nearly 2 months I have had cold symptoms that have gradually got worse. I'm at the point now that I can't cough anymore cause it hurts my ribs too much, I don't have a voice either, my throat feels like it's about to close which makes me feel breathless (as does going up the stairs or walking and talking). Oh and over the weekend I have managed to burst my eardrum thanks to all the pressure buildup. Any advice would be great. I did go to the DRS when it started but they said it was viral. I didn't think viral would last this long.

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  • I think you should go back to your doctor for a review of your symptoms. Hope you feel better soon.

  • Definitely go back to your GP although there is a horrible virus going around which could be all you have. Rule of thumb is if your coughing up dark coloured phlegm its a chest infection if not its a cough/cold but get checked out to be certain.

  • Really sorry to hear that you have that dreadful cold - mine started in Nov and it's now Feb and it's only just cleared up. Put my back out from coughing so much. Make sure you are drinking plenty of water and taking vitamins. Go see your GP just to make sure that it is a virus. I know a few people with COPD who have also had this virus which lasts for many weeks. Get well soon!

  • Hi, commiserations,. I started with a viral chest infection just after Christmas since then I have had all sorts of problem s with my sinuses and neck . Have had antibiotics and steroids .......The steroids did help a bit. Now I feel I am back to square one ,so breathless and my O2sats are up and down like a yo-yo. Far lower than they should go. Back is the chesty cough and later today it's back to the surgery for ??More steroids. We will see.... Can't ever remember having an infection like this before.......Hope you feel better soon.


  • Update - went back to my GP today who said I have a virus so there is nothing to give me. He did offer a chest x-ray but got the impression it wasn't really needed. Nothing he can give me which I get if it's viral. However, as a smoker I do feel a bit like "you've brought this upon yourself, deal with it". On the plus side, I haven't had a smoke in over a month so that's a bonus.

    Oh well, time to stop feeling sorry for my self and break out the lemsips. Thanks for all you responses, they were really helpful and the kind words wishing me well.

  • I've been the same, had the flu virus mid December & still not right !

    It could be that my copd as worsened as it is now advanced but I think it's this virus !

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