Permanent Lung Damage

Hi all, I've been told I have permanent lung damage after Chemo, and multiple infections, .

So far I've been in hospital for a total 8 weeks and counting.......

The actual damage hasn't been given a name yet, but I can't walk more 3/4 meters without becoming totally breathless?

So I'm looking for advice on wether to try and increase my rate of PIP.

I get the basic rate at th moment.

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  • Hi

    You should have your claim looked at. Is there anybody in the hospitals that can advice you.

  • Thanks, I'll try and hold of the Macmillan benefits nurse.

  • Dear Fat-Trace. Bio-drugs a person can end up with lung disease. They call it Interstitial lung disease to start off with. I took Methotrexate for two weeks and had lung disease 6-7 months later.That was in 2013 and I still have it. I have been on oxygen. The best thing you can do is use the oxygen when walking around while you are sleeping. It is better to use your oxygen. Do a little ever day and pretty soon you will see a difference. Don't tire yourself it will only take you back instead of ahead

  • Hello. What kind of chemo did you have ? And when did your symptoms start? Hope you get better soon

  • Would defo get yr claim looked at again, a little while back someone posted a piece of the DWP criteria for COPD, have rummage round on here, it was useful and not long ago, wishing you well and now a bit worried see my earlier post! What chemo did u Have?

  • Thanks guys

  • I've also been on massive doses of steroids for 9 weeks! 95 g a day

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