Problem with coughing for 3 months!!

Problem with coughing for 3 months!!

Hiim a female 56 i developed a dry croup cough in november dictor sait its tracitous!! got on my chest had antibiotics!cleared o still not cleared cough had x ray which showed clear on my chest but im still coughung and sound like a barrel chest esp first thing in morning!!bring up horrendous phlemy and its horrid colour any one help as getting worried now!and getting me down!!!!😭

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  • You probably have the virus that has hit the UK ,I had it just before xmas it was like bronchitis yellow green phlegm cough sore throat ,Because it was upper airways I didn't get antibiotics but my husband did has his went to lungs .I still dont feel right sore throat cough the DR said that some people have had it since October even people with healthy lungs are being laid flat on their back with it .Lets hope we feel better soon I like you am fed up of it xx

  • Hi there shadow yes still getting me down sounds like you have similar symptoms so fed up hope it clears soon anyway keep intouch all x

  • Good morning Debs, and a warm welcome from me to HU Site. You are a very beautiful 56 year old, sorry you are feeling rough. I looked up tracitous and the nearest I got was :- Bacterial tracheitis is a bacterial infection of the trachea and is capable of producing airway obstruction. One of the most common causes is Staphylococcus aureus and often follows a recent viral upper respiratory infection. Bacterial tracheitis is a rare complication of influenza infection.

    It's horrible having to bring up phlegm of any colour, but better out than in I say. Has your doctor put you on antibiotics? Hope fully someone who understands it will be along very soon to help and advise you. Keep in touch and let us know how you get on?

  • Thankyou I think I may have this has mine is still all in my throat will def ring my gp in morning x

  • Hi there jennifer and thank you!! I had xray done but it showed clear but i KNOW domething is not right i also think it could be plurisy but why would my lungs show clear on x ray yet im bringing up the flem!!and was gurgling in chest when woke up in bed!!!shoulder pain for weeks and feeling so so tiyed was given antibiotics but they have not done much!!!!sorry for my rant just feeling do fed up with doctor fobbing me off saying im ok x

  • That's ok Debs. Sometimes you have to persist. Ask your doctor for a proper explanation. There should be something that can be done so you are not in such pain and discomfort.


  • I will going bk tomorrow!!x

  • P.S I to had xray but showed my lungs were clear very odd xx

  • Helo shadow4me,

    If this is it, it really is just a nasty horrible virus that enjoyed lingering, but if you are susceptible to throat or chest infections you really are in the front line. I hope your doctor can help you.

  • Take a sputum sample to the doctors you may need another course of antibiotics

  • get to the doctor please MmeT

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