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Hi im new here i have copd and emphasema, ive had it about 6 years and im moderate, i work fulltime but have been struggling for six months, im on two inhalors but ive had a chest infection for 6 weeks that wont shift , had 3 weeks of anti bs and steroids but then rushed in hospital with sever chest pain, however it wasnt a heart attack but related to my infection, they were concerned about chronic changes on an xray off 2015 and refered me to a lung specialist in the 2 week window, its been a whirlwind two weeks, saw soecialist had tests and been for ct scan still n o results and its been 10 days is that a good thing thats its takin a while for results im worries sick x

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  • Hi Joaney, a very warm welcome to you. I think these results always take a while but maybe you could give your GP surgery a phone & ask if they're available. Your doctor will be able to talk them through with you.

    In the meanwhile look after yourself & try not to worry. 🌺

  • Thanks jessy it was a lung specialist at hospital that organised scan , he did say he would ring me if everythung was ok and if he needed to discuss anything he would pull me in for an appiintment so with not getting a call yet i dread the postman coming lol x

  • If you're really worried you could phone your consultant's secretary & ask if the results are in. Good luck & hope you hear soon 🌸

  • I would agree, call the consultants secretary for the results. If you do get to go back to the consultant for results/follow up then do ask to see your CT scan. It's really good to get the picture of your lungs in your head, have things explained and ask any questions you have.

    Wishing you all the best. Peege

  • Yes the results take a little while

  • Im probably worryin for nothing but i thought if it was good news i would of been call in the first week but thanks for your replys ill wait till monday then ring consultants secretary, i think im more stressed as i lost my mam to lung cancer and she had emphasema too and my dad had emphasema , thry have sent blood off testing for alpha1 def as well x

  • Hi Joaney,

    Just think that the time delay is probably due to a backlog of work or wanting to make doubly sure of the results. They don't like getting false positives or negatives. At least you are getting a thorough going over so you will be sure that they have done a good job for you.

    Oh. I have had exactly the same as you for much longer. I am 81 now and tend to get these periodic episodes of chest infections and emphysema. I'm not great but I'm still upright.

    Just hang in there hon and it will be good for you.


  • Thanks herb , i hate been off work but cant walk about much without getting breathless i work for the ambulance service and love my job but struggling pushing patients about , im 54 and not ready to retire lol heres hoping..

  • Honey . I worked until I was 74. Didn't want to stop but back packed it in so I finally retired to the seaside. By the way I'm Aussie and live in New South Wales. All the best. Let's all hear the good news when you get it.


  • Thankyou herb ill keep yous posted when i get results..

  • Another from Downunder😊

  • Hi Joaney. Just wanted to wish you the best of luck with the results. XXX

  • Thanks pam , its the not knowing and the waiting x

  • I understand.....it must be very difficult for you. Of course you're going to worry, just try to cut the waiting time down as the others suggest. I'll be thinking of you. XXX

  • Think that is soo true of the conditions those on this site have. We often let our minds run away with the most dreadful or dire thoughts. ..best to keep your energy to help deal with whatever the situation .All the best from Downunder.

  • Thankyou x i only stumbled across this group a few weeks ago and joined and followed peoples stories it is a lovely group full of support , thankyoy again x

  • I am waiting for scan results. I expect if they had found something nasty I'd have had a phone call by now.

  • Yeah thats what im thinking as well

  • Hi all , i got results and theres no cancers thank god, theres significant damage to my lungs off emphysrma though, so theve changed my inhalors and meds and i hope this infection subsides soon , thanks for the support xx

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