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I cant believe what I have been reading .Niece are trying to stop COPD patients being given our steroid preventer inhaler ,? Mine helps me loads and opens my airways so why would they be recommending this ? They are reluctant now to give oral steroids we cant get the meds for a nebauliser until we are virtually bedridden are we just going to be left to die if we are on the NHS without a bit of relief .And they say money isn't everything lol

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  • If you would like to read its on a site called PULSE x

  • Hi

    It's a GOLD recommendation not a NICE recommendation, which is the policy used by UK GPs.

    The NICE guidelines are in the process of being updated, due in 2018. Whether any of the GOLD Standard will be taken on board we will have to wait and see.

  • Yes sorry my muddled mind again ,I still think it is scandalous

  • Sorry I meant Gold recommendation not Niece

  • so many of us use these inhalers so many find they work ????????

  • I have scleroderma meaning I have aching muscles and joints the whole time. My consultant said steroids would fix it but have really bad side effects so i don't have them. I was surprised so many here inhale steroids. It that as bad as taking a tablet?

  • Hi, I have a maintenance dose of prednisolone, 2 steroids inhalers and a steroid nasal spray also take another tablet which contains steroids, yes there are a lot of side effects and i think in have most of them lol, at moment I have a chest infection so I am back on the high dose steroids and antibiotics, the benefits of taking the steroids out weights the side effects,

    We all need to breath and a lot of us unfortunately need the steroids, they are used for many different types of illness as well as lung conditions

    I was trying to get this tablet that helps you lose weight from the doctors as well as a diet to follow as I have put on loads of weight a lot to do with medication as also have fibromyalgia and some of the medication is take for that make you gain weight, I used to follow slimming world for years but I can't seem to lose the weight but when at the doctors yesterday she said that I have to weigh up the benefits of the medication and what i would be like without it .she made sense but said once my chest infection is cleared up if I still want to try the tablet and see if I lose weight on them that I have to go back but keep taking my normal medication.

  • I read this article a few days ago, not sure it is the best idea. Agreed some might be OK without the inhalers but many won't, they tried me on a lower dose before and things went wrong. I am one of those with asthma too. It is getting that soon we will be like USA and need to buy what is best for us or just suffer in silence if we can't afford to, does not conform to the guideline that suggest a patient should have there care tailored to their personal health needs. Oh and don't get gout or raised uric acid levels as that is another one that requires pills they don't prescribe only during flare ups according to my experience.Oh by the way one option for gout and uric acid control is steroids . Steroids releive pain in some cases too, of course they cause weight gain which the government is eager to eradicate, so there could be an ulterior motive to changing some drugs but inhalers are supposed to be the safest way of administering steroids with least side effects. Think it will be a wait and see process and I am sure some will continue on their said inhalers.

  • It seems like five minutes ago I read that anyone using more than one "reliever" a month, e.g Ventolin, should immediately be given steroid inhalers - just think cost-cutting because the price of steroid inhalers is very high. I paid something like £90 for a Seretide 250 on line. Am now on Fostair and if they axe that I'll be in real trouble - for me it's brilliant.

  • Hello Dragonmum,

    It's cheap and it works so I can't see that happening.....Hope not anyway, it is my passport to freedom.

  • I was changed from Seretide to Fostair has they said I overused my rescue inhaler and with Fostair you can use three times a day if needed ?While at rehab they argued that I should not use the fostair more than twice a day although on the leaflet it said you can if needed lol .My husband who has asthma was changed to fostair to .He finally was told the truth it was cheaper for the NHS to get the patients onto Fostair .Fostair does open up your airways quick but I have been on it a year and have noticed side affects xx

  • I was told twice a day unless things got worse, then is was alright to use it three times a day for a very short time only as long as I keep in touch with my doctor/nurse. I have not had any noticeable side effects. Maybe speak to your surgery about them if they are a worry. You really need to be quite confident about taking it.


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