Exhausted fed up drained tired

I feel like crappie fed up now been poorly for a while now not getting better I dunno up again no sleep sweating then cold coughing chesty short of breath back is killing no where I'm gonna end up again what now so fed up in drained no energy thirsty mixed feelings it's just every thing fighting a listing battle going around the clock trying to get to the next day I dunno

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  • What ever next

  • Been poorly since Aug but really ill since 23rd Nov rite up till now

  • Not getting anywhere just on going

  • I give up

  • Just wish I could havev1 normal day

  • Me too I know just one normal day

  • So sorry and I know how you feel! Why did we have to get this? No one knows any reason why a person gets sick. I will hope you're able to feel better. Blessings, laddieday

  • Thank u

  • Thanks

  • Hello Channell. Know the feeling. I've been in the same dilemma as you. I don't feel as if my COPD nurse is supporting me enough. My family keep telling me I should go to hospital emergency unit, but I know if I go there I'll end up being kept in again. I don't go to sleep till about 3 am which means I don't wake up until about 11 or 12. And then I'm so drained I'm napping again at about 3 pm until about 5pm. Not much of an existence is it. We really must try and stay positive and pull ourselves together and seek the proper medical assistance that's out there for us Channell. I also have Connective TissueDisease. So I think this is a bit to much for my nurse, as she doesn't understand my situation. I really and truly believe that you and I are not going to be able to fight this everlasting flare up on our own.so. I've decided whilst writing this small letter to you, that we both need to be just a little more demanding, and seek the help out there..(I'm writing this note at 5.30 am)I also feel very alone. luv you and take care Channell.xx

  • Yes feel alone to banging head against a brick wall fighting this one fighting that one no one listens cba ain't got the energy driving me crazy keep in touch get well your self to x

  • Yes I rung docs yesterday give them he'll see what happens got home visit today and I don't do home visits I reckon in it will be see

  • Hi there it's me I had home visit today I'm in finally not been seen yet waiting

  • You've been admitted? Or AnE and waiting? Whichever.. best of luck my love, and no discharging yourself either, let us know how it goes and what is happening to you xx

  • Hello Channel, Firstly I don't have a diag of copd , I have something called O B- obstructive bronchiolosis. Similar and may come under the heading still waiting to find out. Like you I got sick with this back in the summer, thought I had hayfever! Treated for lung infection by gp in Aug, salbutamol and erythromycin. Didn't really clear up , really breathless. Finally in Oct went back and was admitted same day with resp failure - acute. Was put on oxygen, nebs, steroids, intraveinous ant biotics and had so many CT scans x rays and a particularly nasty one called a vr scan than I began to feel like a smoked ham! At the beginning I was really scared and like u almost discharged myself- trouble was I couldn't actually get out of bed and breathe for long enough! I am now back home, I don't yet have home oxygen although that's on it's way. Still on inhalers added titropium and it helps, no nebs, high dose steroids including infusions and next week I start chemotherapy. I'm scared. But I was much much worse when I was at home , sick and didn't know what was happening to me. I have other health issues too. Take the advice darling, either go back to your gp and book a double appt and make them listen or call a ruddy ambulance. None of us like hospital care but it sounds like that's where you really need to be. My heart goes out to you sweetheart, please don't try to carry this on your own, love and squishy hugs xx

  • Thank u so much x

  • I do think I will be going back in

  • I'm in finally waiting to be seen

  • Hi Channell

    You seem at the end of your hopes. I have been like that.

    what your illnesses.

    What medication you on. May help if you check them all out on Google and the side effects.

    Read all you can on them. Some meds can be responsible for some o f your problems.

    Let me know. I may have some suggestions.


  • Cheers

  • Hi channell, Good morning, im sorry to hear that you are still not any better, you sound really down , I know what it's like when it seems like your never get anywhere,

    I was back at the doctors yesterday I am luck that I saw the same one as before so she was able to tell if infection was getting any better, thankfully itis but I have still to continue with high dose steroids and antibiotics, she is actually really good and is trying to help by changing some of my steroid inhalers as I have been on them for years , so hopefully it will keep me at home this year especially with the oxygen now too , last year I thought that i was never going to get out of hospital.

    Do you have a good Gp that you see regularly for your chest. As it a nightmare when it's different one all the time,

    Thinking of you

    Loraine x

  • Thank u I have got good doctor never get to see him looking at situation today got antibiotics money again for 5 days no better chest is green I do think by looks of it will be going back in

  • Hi channell I feel exactly like you do. It's a miserable existence. It seems everyone else is living n well n were just constantly sick not a passing this just relentless suffering. I'm so peed off too. Iv a resistant strain of pneumonia in my left lung coz I was underdosed amoxicillin at only 250mgs allowing the bacteria to develop resistance I should have not taken it in first place now I'm paying the price. Coz my infection not serious one no1s bothered n don't even believe I have it now coz it's not getting picked up on xray but it is there. I asked for ct scan but they won't send me saying I had one last yr which was for something completely different. So it seems what she's saying is if you've had a ct in past your not entiltked to get another one 4 a different reason. Thats Coz I'd lost 3 stone or more which I kept insisting was infection in my tummy n they thought I was mad then too well guess what turns out I was right. This is completely different issue. It's bad enough being sick but not being helped or believed is a joke. Iv had lots of infections that never showed on xrays doesn't mean I didn't have it. Only one serious one showed on x Ray n then rafiographer came back n said was clear even though doc said it wasn't clear...well how that didn't show I dunno Coz it was bad one but they can be see through n only pick up fluid n stuff n you can have dry infection. Au I dunno how docs don't know this. I'm picking up bug after bug n have the worst cold ever with green gunk it's disgusting n it's gone right down plus making lung infection worse. I'm going bk doc in morning for like 10the time. I'm sick of it. I think that's why I keep catching bugs coz my system wrecked trying to fight thing in lung what a nightmare. N before I caught bugs was sick anyway with just being wrecked headache can't think straight n of course the discomfort in my left lung. Last week been really difficult to eat had to force it n sweating n chills too n low body temperature of 35.2 most the time. It's a joke n this since October lost 2 potential boyfriends over it. Iv no life iv no energy plagued with infections n I dunno when it's gonna end or if I'll be stuck with that bug in my lung forever. It's so frustrating. Dragging yourself around everywhere not wanting to do nothing waiting to get better it's depressing whiles life passes you by. I had to go a n e for help which doc gave me levofloxcin but I'm scared to take coz of side effects n need to get my potassium back up coz it's gone low with all antibiotics n I just spent all 2016 bringing that up n now here we go again what a merrygoround nightmare! Do you live alone? I'm alone too n no1 4 support what man would want weak link who's always sick n all 4 easily treatable infection to start with arrggh!! A n e doc said he was referring me to respiratory specialist n I'd get call from nurse rang yesterday n turns out he didn't refer me at all n me waiting 4 the call like just had note for doctor to refer me if symptoms persist flipping heck symptoms are persisting. My lung should not be in spasm n numb n tight at all never mind all the other symptoms n they're just ignoring it. It's costing hse money like if they'd just sent me in would cost way less in long run. I want my lung free again n infection out of me. I really hope you feel better soon, just know you are not alone. The greatest gift in the world is just to be well n that's all you need. Chance would be a fine thing. We have to keep soldiering on in the hope that it ends. I know mines not gonna end any day soon. Have to bring my potassium up b4 I even think about anymore antibiotics but I'm pretty much out of options which is why I need the specialist duh! Sorry 4 length of that.

  • I'm totally on your side pnewMoniaive left side I'm on amoxicyllin 500mg 2 three times a day I was given them on 25 and 30th doing nothing backs killing chest is green I dunno

  • Hi Channell it all went off when I replying to you. Yes your antibiotic is not good, so many side effects as all with Amox in the name.

    If I do need antibiotics I always ask for Aubmentum I find this one quite good.

    Keep trying different puffers see which ones help you.

    Take care


  • Never heard off that antibiotic are mention it thanks

  • I'm on 3 puffers I'm OK with and 5 different nebules

  • A lot of us on this forum have and are going thru what you are going thru.

    What meds you are taking are apparently not working.

    Go see your doctor asap and have your meds changed.

    Start trying alternatives: Supplements, essential oils, eat healthy (do you have a certain food allergy?) Some people feel better by eliminating dairy products or wheat products.

    Exercise if you can, even if it's just walking around the house.

    Don't give up, Beth

  • Really can't be bothered been docs twice in last week and another script yesterday and going down again today

  • I've had over 10 lots of antibiotics since 23rd Nov unreal

  • Different ones to

  • What antibiotics did you have? I wonder have you resistant strain too. The first amoxicillin did work on me it was just too low a dose idiot doc prescribing 250mgs wth n even stupider here 4 taking that. Iv had doxy zinnat co amox and clarithmycin n stronger amoxicillin dose n nothing happened. Iv now levofloxacin but holding off coz of the severe side effects of tendon rupture yeah great need that to add to list of ailments n I'm crampy n weak from low potassium too. It's really wearing just no energy at all sucks!! Did you catch a bug on 23rd Nov or did it just worsen what's caused the bad turn? It's too much going into Feb now n still same it's so unfair.

  • 23rd flu I'm Copd any way

  • Went from there

  • Antibiotics about 10 of them steroids up to 10 then ambulance 12 hospital till 19 caught cold but hospital said pnewmonia

  • Still got it

  • Oh right. I don't have copd or a lung disease but iv underlying muscular n blood disorder that makes my tissues super sensitive I'm defo not made of the same stuff other ppl r. Cigarettes burn my throat tissues n I get infections really easy. 3 packs fags over a month n pneumonia started n it's even less than that other times. I'm practically non smoker like 1 every now n then was smoking more back then coz stressed n ended burning my throat tissues badly with an amount most smoker have in 2 or 3 days it's crazy n so unfair. Havnt had one since. It's not even worth it coz I can't but was so hard didn't wanna stop but used to only have the odd one with no probs kept it in control n knew I couldn't smoke. Stupid I know but didn't think anything like that could happen. A few fags causing serious infection but there ya go.

    Would it be viral pneumonia you have then that's not clearing...maybe they can do sputum sample I can't get any mucus from lung so can't even do that. Maybe iv antibiotics might clear it 4 you. I can barely eat with it all I'm so infected my insides just can't cope with digestion. N that's another red flag 4 pneumonia not being able to eat. Nightmare wake me up when it's over. I used to have nightmares yrs ago n the relief of waking n it's not real, well, this is like real nightmare. Suffering with no end in sight.

  • Thank u I hope u get some relief nite mare ha

  • I've copped the hump now mmmm

  • I know it's really hard everyday isn't it? I pray you can get some relief, my hospice team takes good care of me and a goal is to keep me out of pain.

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