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Update on pain in shoulder after pneumonia

Hi everyone,

After, chatting to you all, I did go to my doctors and was told all my ex-rays were completely clear, so he thought the pain I was getting was from where I had fallen so nothing to do with the pneumonia, so that was good news, so next I decided to get in touch with my chiropractor, made an appointment (as I had fallen awkwardly when I collapsed with the pneumonia) he has made a number of adjustments to my shoulder blade, neck and spine so I am now gradually improving, but will need a few more appointments before I am back to my normal self . Just like to thank everyone for taking the time in writing back to me and giving me the feedback to do something, which is now working xx

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Delighted to hear you are improving Laylay and that the advice you got here was helpful.


Hi Laylay. Nice to hear that you're heading in the right direction. 😊😊😊


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