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Well its been a long road with lots of dead ends BUT one thing is for sure my health is deteriorating.

So have been looking into my DNA for issues and SNP GENE Deficancy Mutation Errors.

One such gene is a gene called MYD88 looking for errors or mutations.

That gene can be tested for mutations errors as it can cause hard to treat infections such as streptococcus, pneumonia, infected ulcers in / out body, even cancers, and guess making Lung lupus worse if suffer from it BUT I can't remember it's proper name.

So am sharing my DNA research findings to start conversation as more who ask about testing the better will be for all of us.

After all what can one achieve when a collective can achieve more.

Also am looking into this little known one Gene SNP G6PD i thought i would share my findings given my depressed HEART T Waves.

G6PD is HEART related and mutations errors can cause problems with heart.

Needless to say i got board of checking mine for G6PD bad genes or defiancy as was over 154 and for some reassion informatiin was with held on if i had glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase deficiency.

WHY can i smell a scandle or a rat guess in time all know BUT maleria as something to do with it BUT why.

Anyway getting back to my heart T waves and chat i had with my doctor about my mate.

Told DOCTOR my mate who is bit of ecg guru said doctors mainly GPs would not tell you if you had heart disease or angina if they seen it on ecg they did.

Unless was a medical emergancy.

So i asked my GP you would tell us Wouldn't You.

And i was meet by silence.

A guess if silence was loud that would be speaking volumes.

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Agree with what your saying about doctor ha


I do hope you get answers JAS but not if your doctor is anything to go by. It is very fascinating though and makes interesting reading. Xxxxx


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