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Boiling hot freezing cold

I have been fluctuating in between the two today more like freezing cold i have got pjamas on also fleecy top thick dressing gown and heating on 24,also shaking is it something we have to put up with

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No u need to ring your doctors keep on at them and get answers


Agree with channel sounds like you might have infection going on perhaps? Defo GP eh?


I think I am going to complete the course of antibiotics and if no improvment get seen to thanksb


That doesn't sound right to me so l agree with the others, you need to see your doctor again. Take care. Xxxx

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Will definitely be doing that if things stay the same when I have finished tablets


Ring the gp this doesn't sound good. Hope your ok


I have had this on several occasions. It sounds like a chest infection fever & chills go with infection so as your on this site I assume you have a lung condition. Contact your GP I'm afraid is the only option


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