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Flying with COPD


Diagnosed with COPD 4 yrs ago and currently Severe stage. Managed well with inhalers etc, plenty of excercise and weight control.

Every year I like to travel abroad at least once and to date I have not had any problems flying. However, I am i sure if I could fly long haul with my condition and I am asking for other people's experiences. I am not on oxygen.

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I have done long haul (with and without oxygen) but it is probably best to discuss this with your medics just because we are all so different.


Thank you. Will do

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Hi Jehinch, I suffer from COPD and fly long haul about twice a year. My GP has never told me to stop it. I get checked out first at surgery and its all go from there. Keeping my fingers crossed after writing this as I am off to Vancouver in February (nine hour flight) and hoping I haven't jinxed myself!!! Best wishes, Juney


Thank you. Very helpful. I have continued to fly since my diagnosis without any problems but never tried long haul. Will check with my doctor.


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