info on opticians please

feel ripped off by optician any body else had this happen .

I went for my eyes tested two weeks ago .ordered my glasses from the same opticians.

picked them up last Friday .but cannot see properly out of right eye when wearing them.

went back to the same opticians and explained why I was not happy .they looked at my eyes again and said you need a prisim in your right lens. I will refer you to the eye clinic for them to fit one but it could take weeks... I am angry as I saved from my pension and them when I had enough paid £212 for a pair of glasses that are unwearable ..should this not have been mentioned when I had my eye test .heartbroken as I think of all that money and it will take ages to save enough again for some more glasses

has this happened to anybdy else if so what did you do

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  • That is very bad practice by the Opticians. The prism would have been picked up st the time of your test and the prism shlykd have been added to the lens during making. This is not your problem so please return, tell them you are not paying and not waiting weeks either. Try and take someone along with you and don't be afraid to stand up for yourself. You can check your rights online or with the Citizens Advice Bureau.

    Good luck and chin up. Xxxx

  • P.S. you don't need more glasses, just need them to put right the prescription you have in your glasses. I used to work for two different Opticians and they would not have treated you like that. Xxxx

  • Absolutely Sassy, used to manage a major high st optical store and this sounds like someone pulling a fast one. If the prism was picked up at retest they should 're make your glasses free of charge and on your nhs voucher you may well be entitled to a complex prescription because of it. Do take someone back with u and have read up on the company's own website. Good luck xx

  • Hi

    Your glasses have to be fit for purpose, which clearly yours are not.

    If they have retested and found the problem this shows they have the equipment and knowledge to have performed the test correctly.

    You should not have to pay for replacement glasses, only the extra cost of lenses.

    As it was there error a good will gesture would not go a miss.

  • Hi Marlee, I would take the glasses back and ask for a full refund on the basis that the glasses are not fit for purpose. If you really do need a prism, the fact that they did not notice this does not inspire confidence. Get a second opinion from another optician. As eye tests are free at most places, this won't cost you anything.

    Take Care,


  • Hi Marlee,

    How upsetting for you. Have you thought about phoning up or going in to the shop and ask to speak to the manager and express your concerns. If you are worried about doing this, write down what you want to say before your phone call or before going into the shop. I would be very upset and rather annoyed if this had happened to me and would certainly be making a written complaint if the problem was not rectified.


  • thank you for replys I will have to summon up my courage and go back again ..I have already paid for the glasses ..I am not very confrontational .I am 74 years old and like a quiet life with all my health problems I really did not need this .I could cry each time I think of my money wasted

  • Hi Marlee,, could you ring the optician today , tell them who you are and explain again your problem.

    You may find it easier to speak to them on the phone at first....then you can go to the shop, with a companion if you can.

    It's not good enough how you have been treated, and so upsetting and costly for you.

    If you get no joy, contact the Citizens Advice Bureau.

    Thinking of you and best wishes.

  • Hi I think this is awful and I agree that the glasses aren't fit for purpose so it is up to the opticians to sort this out. If you can, take someone with you to give you Dutch courage. Let us know what happens. x

  • I don't trust any opticians since my father went to Boots - yes Boots. He went there coz being of an older generation he trusted a company like this. My dad was 80 at the time and I dropped him off there for his eye test saying I would be back shortly to help him choose his glasses.

    Anyway 20 minutes later I stood outside for around 10 minutes and didn't see him. Then he appeared, clutching some money, with a smiling saleswoman. It turned out he had his test then they 'hid' him at the back of the shop while the saleswoman talked him into having things he didn't want. All he wanted was a basic free pair of reading glasses.

    I charged in and stopped him from handing the money over saying he only wanted the free ones. She insisted he owed £60. My poor dad was very confused and upset and told me later the woman had 'talked' him into having extras and he had no idea what they were. He was also very grateful to me later for saving him £60.

    In the end I asked the saleswoman to leave while I talked to my father. I then had a right go at her and the receptionist saying I had said I would be back to help him etc. and they had no right to treat an old man like this. I was incandescent with rage!

    I took my dad straight over the road to another opticians and explained what had happened. I then went back and demanded his prescription. Result - my dad got what he wanted without payment. I was going to write in and complain but didn't in the end. I did manage to stop my mother going in there for her glasses though. x

  • What everyone has said is so right! You don't need to be confrontational, just firm. You're still within the time when you can ask for a refund because the glasses prescribed were not fit for purpose.

    Take someone with you. State your case firmly. You're right - you didn't need this. Don't let them bully you. It's appalling that they think they can get away with it.

    A front page spread on the local paper might be interesting, and they'd soon lose custom.

    Take a deep breath - if you can! - and show them that you're made of tougher stuff than they think. And imagine all of us there beside you. Let us know how it goes. Love, Sue x

  • My old man goes to spec savers costs him a fortune a friend goes to Asda they are much cheaper

  • I don't know about the UK...But n America you could sue for the cost of glasses and exam in small claims court....And WIN. He is the professional not you. I'm surprised they didn't offer to foot the bill. Horrible business practice.

  • thank you so much for your comments .I phone the optician this afternoon .my friend told me what to say to them..they have said if I take the glasses back they will refund my money ..first they were talking rubbish saying things like the lenses they use for your eye test is quite small so this could have been the problem and other stupid things friend took the phone and told them as quoted on here they are not fit for purpose and in the end as I said they have agreed to refund my money once again thank you all

  • Well done. x

  • Take specs back and demand prism be put into your prescription

    The Opticians mistake and they must correct it.

  • You must take them back, say you want another pair as fault should have been picked up and that you are not paying. I am saying this because my cousin has just had exactly the same experience as yourself. He took them back, they said he needed another pair, he said fine but as its your fault I am not paying anything further. He is getting new glasses! Need to be firm.

  • thank you all so much for your advice been to opticians today and stood my ground .,remembered what you all said and it really helped ..they have refunded me my money back ..I am so pleased once again thank you

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