Signs of the times-10 yes I'm back sort of

Signs of the times-10 yes I'm back sort of

Missed all you guys. No idea why, but thanks for all the helpful suggestions- my daily fix of notices disappeared last Weds. I've got back in via Google. I have tried resetting priorities, see what happens.

Was going to write about a lovely walk we did last Weds - it was St Dwynwen's day- who she I hear you all cry. Well are you sitting comfortably, cat on your lap, dog at your feet, hot cup of coffee to hand. Once upon a time, Dwynwen was the most beautiful daughter of King Bychan Brycheiniog (all Welsh, and takes place on the wonderful Island of Anglesey) N Wales. Although betrothed by her father to another she fell in love with a Prince called Maelon Dafodrill (yes similar to the flower, maybe he had blond hair). When Maelon heard that she was to be married to another he was pretty niffed. He attacked her and for his crimes was forever frozen in a block of ice.

Her heart broken, Dwynwen ran away to the forest (Newborough) to pray where an angel granted her three wishes. Firstly, she asked for Maelon to be defrosted. Secondly, that she be allowed to help people who were unhappy in love. Lastly, she asked that she never be married.

In thanks for her wishes being granted she went to Ynys Llanddwyn (near Newborough Forest East Anglesey) to live as a Nun. Legend has it that she has a magical well with jellied, no I mean enchanted eels, that could tell the fortune of any lovesick traveller. More especially, tell who they are going to marry. Hence, she is more widely known as the Welsh St Valentine. Alas, maybe on reflection it was for the best, her well was dried up. Anyway last Weds was her St's day. Boy, it was windy, cold and clear and we self, Myfanwy (wife), and six friends walked through the Red Squirrel sanctuary (didn't see any) along the beach at low tide to Llanddwyn Island overlooking Caernarfon across the Menai Straights. Lovely day out.

And so she lived in glorious sanctuary happy ever after.

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  • Thanks Tryfan, I have not heard that story and I was brought up on Welsh Folk tales .

    We stayed in a caravan site once near Bedd Gelert ....that's a story that gets me going ....poor faithful hound.

    Anglesey is a special place, one of my daughters took part in an archaeological dig there some years ago. The home of the Druids of old.

    PS....I have to reach this site through Google now .

    Just googled St Dwynwen wasn't until the 1970s that the day was popularised in Wales .....I was in exile by then.....that's why I had never heard of her.

  • Hate to disillusion you Knitter. But the story of brave Gelert is most likely a myth. There are many faithful hound folk-tales. Certainly the Victorians built the grave, to attract the burgeoning tourist trade.

    Still why let truth get in the way of a good story.

  • Lovely tale. :)

  • Thank you so much Tryfan. Lovely. I really love for your ancient Celtic Welsh saints. We have spent several holidays on Anglesea. And had the most fabulous walk at Newborough, a day on the sand and is the island accessible at low tide, or am I getting it muddled with another one? Our younger son, when he was at Bangor University, and some friends bivvied on the beach and were scared out of their wits by the activities of some smugglers. Drugs?

  • Katinka

    No, you are in the same place. As for smugglers, who knows. Could have been the ghosts of shipwrecked sailors of which there are many. Hence the lighthouses being positioned in the 1600.

    Lovely place.

  • Lovely story.

    Newborough Warren...and all coves and beaches around the Island... Anglesey, a most stunning and magical place. We holidayed there twice a year from us children being small in the 1940's always early and late in the year so we more or less had places to ourselves. A lady used to appear with a horse and cart early in the morning and put the little ones in for the long walk to Llanddwyn. First few times we used to get the St Tudno from Liverpool to Holyhead, and then my father got a car and it was easier to go by road with all of us. I preferred the boat. Thankyou for the wonderful memories.

  • So pleased it brought happy times back for you.


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