Nite mare I dunno

Don't no what to think how to feel just saying I'm 51 female who was diagnosed with asthma when 30 10 years ago was diagnosed with Copd smoker was told about5 years ago that lost 3rd of my lungs now got to the stage where I'm going in out of hospital not been rite since August but 23rd Nov got flu left it on 29th Nov hospital 1 nite no better the in between docs docs docs 28 Dec out hrs then docs docs docs then10 Jan really poorly docs sent home 2 days later ambulance hospital 6 days home with in week docs week later again today docs told me hospital I said no now more Meds if no better 5 days gotta go in then said u still got pneumonia if feeling worse out side surgery hrs to call ambulance and said this is how it's gonna be for u from now on don't get it could be crawling no breath but said satsuma always hi doesn't warrant oxygen at home but will do eventually don't get it

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  • Sats

  • They said I'm on every thing that can be given bar oxygen and what they give me in hospital I can do at home bar a drip and oxygen I dunno

  • Hi, Channell. You sound really poorly. Do you still smoke? Stopping that would make a real difference to the progression of your COPD.

  • Yes I know I have almost stop smoking for 2 weeks I have been smoking 42 yes hard hobbit to kick but trying

  • Do go to your pharmacy for help with stopping smoking.

  • I will thank u

  • Keep going with stopping the smoking - it will make such a difference. Good luck.

  • So sorry to hear you are going through the mill. You sound like you should be back in hospital.

    Can I just talk about Oxygen. Oxygen will not help your breathlessness. The reason they give Oxygen to some people is because their level is so low, that they risk damaging their other organs.

    The medical profession will do what they can to help you. Can I just check if you are doing what you can to help you? Sorry, here comes a list:

    Are you:

    Drinking plenty of water to thin down the mucus so it is easier to get off your chest.

    On Carbocisteine (I am not medical, so don't know if appropriate for you). This also helps to get the gunk off your chest.

    Propping yourself up, on as many cushions as you can.

    Keeping the rooms well aired. I find stuffy rooms make it difficult to breathe. Put your head out of the window, to get some fresh air, or maybe stand at the door.

    Moving, even if only getting up and sitting down a few times. Lifting your legs up, circling your ankles and arms.

    Banning aerosols, perfumes, strong smelling products, and of course, cigarette smoke.

    Continue trying to stop smoking if you have not succeeded, try, try, again. Don't punish yourself and don't give up. Just think of one day at a time. I used to say to myself, I have struggled for all of yesterday, that struggle was in vain if I have another one now, go on, I don't really need a fag, let me try and go for another hour/half a day/day. You will do it.

    Take something up so you can concentrate on it, help you relax, and keep your mind off your breathing. I make cards, colouring books (note, not all books and pencils are the same, some better than others, don't rely on price).

    Don't sit crouched up so you squash your stomach.

    Do your 'Huffing' exercises regularly to move and cough up the mucus. It really does work! Also called Active Cycle of Breathing.

    Can't think of anything else at the moment. See what you can do today.

  • I'm doing virtually every thing your saying I'm on carbostein uniphyllein 3 in hailers 5 nibbles steroids 2 antibiotics

  • Nebuliser 5

  • I put 5 different in

  • Oh, couple of other things which may help.

    Don't forget to clean and sterilise your Nebuliser at the end of the day. Make sure you leave the compressor running for a few minutes after the nebule has finished, to dry the tubing out, otherwise bacteria will grow in the tube.

    How did you do yesterday with the smoking?

    Don't be a victim, be a hero, win the battles. It does help to say to yourself that you don't want to be a victim, but difficult to do.

    Yes, you are on a lot of meds. Thank goodness for the NHS. My repeat prescription is 6 pages long.

  • Yes trying to sort the smoking rung for my smoking nurse no app

  • Are sort it

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