Pneumonia at beginning of December. Still feel unwell.

Hi all, I spent 5 days at beginning of December in hospital with Pneumonia, It is taking ages to recover. I have spent today in bed coughing up muck and I'm very wheezy. Feeling generally unwell. Should I see my Dr or see how the week pans out.

In 2012 I had a mastectomy (L) side, I had 6 sections of chemotherapy and had pneumonia after last chemo. When I was better I had 25 sessions off Radiotherapy, I think this has affected my breathing. I've made a wheezy noise for over 4 years but was never breathless. 2015 I was diagnosed with a SVT . I had palpatations for 10 years before the Dr's actually managed to get a heart trace, I now take beta blockers. Also an anti cancer drug. Dr has no worries given me a brown and blue inhaler but they don't seem to make a difference when I use them.

I have never smoked.

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  • Pneumonia can take a long time to recover from but given your other health problems l would contact your GP. I do hope you feel better soon and do wish you well. Xxxxx

  • Thank you :-)

  • Sorry you are still not feeling well. I had community acquired peunmonia. At the beginning of November was in hospital for 3 days on an drip for fluid . and plenty of abs preds and pain killers and went home with a weeks worth of meds. Had a chest xray at the beginning December and it had cleared up. I would Go back to your gp as you are still not feeling well. Let us know how you get on x

  • I had an chest x ray 2 weeks ago, Dr said there was a small pocket of fluid still. I did feel a lot better. I will make appointment in the morning x

  • Hi there I presume u still have pneumonia I have been ill for over 2 months my self been took in hospital a few times also was let out I got Copdock but didn't no while I was in that I had pneumonia till I read my discharge sheet any way come home 2 weeks ago straight away was unwell put me on more anti biopics hasn't worked rung up again today still no better now told me I still got pneumonia wanted me in I said no but if I ain't better in 5 days I gotta go in I'm just saying go back to doctor just to get checked don't leave it any longer in case many thanks get better soon

  • I live in the states and there is a serious strain of pneumonia going around this winter season. I friend of mine has been trying to get over it since Christmas.

    I had both the regular and the more serious flu shots this season. But even getting the flu shot does not guarantee that you will not still get it. Shots only cover the more common strain.


  • Yes agree I been ill for a while so because of this they won't give me my flu jab

  • Like I have diabetes and on stations so meant to have blood test to check liver and kidneys won't do that cause I'm unwell won't do my annual Copd check cause unwell ridiculous really

  • Not station statin

  • Just banging your head against a brick wall to me

  • Like I'm diabetic but have to have steroids the 2 don't like each other but I said to doctor put on 3 stone he said well which one do u want fat or live really

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