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I have a concentrator at home to fill my oxygen cylinders, I do not need oxygen when I'm sleeping or at rest during the day but as soon as I start moving I have to wear the cannula.

Dolby Vivisol supply my equipment and today I was just reading through one of their booklets, Your Home Oxygen Service and they advise not to use your oxygen for 30 mins. before cooking and whilst cooking (I cook on electric) as your clothes will be saturated with oxygen. Also, you should not use oxygen when in a petrol station and not when filling your car. I live on my own and could not manage for 30 mins. without my oxygen and I also drive which means I need petrol. Dolby say this is the advice they must give because it is a safety issue. If I die of starvation, I will not need the petrol anyway I suppose. Any thoughts?

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  • Well 669rivers as an oxygen user too,I'd never thought about the fact that our clothing may be covered in oxygen for 30mins! Interesting. I wonder if other members know of this?

  • Thanks for your reply, yes it will be interesting to find out what other users think.

  • Im on oxygen and dont wait 30 minutes before i use the cooker

  • I don't either, wish I had not read the booklet now, I shall just carry on as usual, I am not prepared to starve and it will not stop me filling up with petrol, I hate staying in all day.

  • Good for you its so important to live life as normal as possible.

  • Its not always easy, but we have to try. It would be nice to meet other people with the same problems but groups are few and far between.

  • Thats the same in my area too especially people in my age bracket but thats where the forum steps in :)

  • Hi

    Oxygen saturation is more likely if you are on continuous supply rather than pulse.

    I use a portable concentrater on pulse and have no issues at fuel stations.

    You are unlikely to be near a naked flame at a fuel station, so the risk is small.

    Some petrol stations offer assistance in the form of a call button next to pump.

  • Thanks for your reply, if I am not doing much I can manage on pulse but when I start moving around a lot I have to go onto continuous. I have been able to fill up and pay without using oxygen in the past but not any more, I can perhaps fill up without oxygen but put it back on when having to go to pay. I'm not going to worry about it too much, carry on as usual.

  • Why not use the Pay at Pump option which is widespread now?. I got to the stage where I struggled to walk to the kiosk without oxygen so now I just pay at the pump which is remarkably simple once you try it. My O2 supplier Air Liquide refused to put in an oxygen supply in my kitchen but I just use the long lead to my main concentrator machine, but I would be wary of naked flames as my cooking is via a ceramic hob.

  • Paying for petrol at the pump is a good idea, the nearest one to me is in the next town, I do usually go there once a week so I must remember to fill up while I'm there. I also have a along lead on my concentrator which I use to move around my flat I thought it would be OK to use in kitchen, I also cook on a ceramic hob didn't think there would be any problems with that.

  • I read your post with interest and replies of other users I just signed up last night the bloke who brought concentrators told me about not using gas I thought it was at all .I would be interested to know do other people wait 30 minutes it's not possible is it to be of oxygen that long do they change there clothes before they cook .when I feel a bit better I would love to cook something for my husband posted by Time-2-Drink

  • I don't think the people who supply the equipment explain the do's and don'ts very well. When I was first on oxygen I did not use it indoors, only when I went out so although I had read the booklet I had forgotten it's contents. Now I have read it again after being on oxygen indoors now for some time it's making me think more about what I do.

  • I agree with what you say when you are brought the equipment it's such a shock to the system and nothing goes in they just pass on information at lightning speed and your mind doesn't register it its in to much shock well mine is

  • Hi the 30 minutes is based on the safety guidelines by EIGA and the MHRA ( the regulatory bodies that govern the supply of medical oxygen) Its all about being safe and aware.

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