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I've not posted for a while last time I was trying to get a referral to the hospital which I finally have! No appointment yet but at least I am one step further along.. The nurse at my gp said she thinks I may have bronchiotasis (she is a respiratory nurse).

Anyhow I've been really struggling with mucus and taking decongestants to give me a bit of relief while I wait for the appointment but just been reading an old post on here where people said ginger was helpful? Anyone else found this good and if so what do you drink/take.

Thanks in advance x

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  • I would be interested. I am doing breathing exercises to shift mucus but with little effect. I also have a chest infection. x

  • Can I suggest, if you aren't already, in addition to the breathing exercises, have a glass of water to help thin the mucus down.

  • Hello Knicho

    I have bronchiectasis and severe asthma and suffer with thick sticky mucus in my throat and upper chest which is difficult to shift. I juice 2 or 3 apples with a small chunk of fresh ginger first thing in the morning and this seems to help me with clearance. I also add ginger to most juices and smoothies I make as the ginger soothes my constantly sore throat. I really like the kick from ginger but it is an acquired taste, but certainly worth a try. There are also some good ginger teas in most supermarkets to buy.

    Drinking lots of water may help, but if you are struggling with mucus and haven't got your hospital appointment yet, may i suggest a gp visit as there are prescription meds available to help with mucus clearance.

    Good luck and I hope your hozzy appointment comes through soon and gives you answers. x

  • Ask your GP about Carbocisteine (also known as Mucodyne) for clearing mucus. I was put on 4 a day initially and when it was increased to 6 (normal dose I think) it made a huge difference. I have 3 sessions a day at removing it - it does take effort but it can be managed. This is the only way to avoid infections.

  • Hi

    Thank you Claudine I didn't realise the gp could prescribe this I assumed you had to be under the hospital to get it.. every time I go to the gp because I sound so rattley in the chest and often show symptoms of infection they keep giving me antibiotics but nothing to clear the mucus so it is a vicious circle!

    Thanks x

  • They seem all too quick to put you under the COPD label and Bronchiectasis is NOT COPD! It is managed differently. I was first diagnosed with asthma, then COPD (even though I gave up smoking 30 years ago) and finally sent me to a specialist who proved with a scan that it was Bronchiectasis. They are very different. You will keep getting infections while the mucus is not cleared. They should also teach you physio exercises to help. Keep going! Good luck.

  • Thank you I too was originally told I might have late onset asthma and given fostair but this is not really helping although I felt it did a bit to start with. I've had non Hodgkin's lymphoma in the lung area so believe the trauma of the chemo and radiotherapy in that area may have caused bronchiotasis but yet to have this diagnosed. I have never smoked however I grew up in a house where both parents did smoke x

  • I tried ginger when I caught an infection (I have COPD) I think it made me more congested but everyone is different...hope your feeling better soon.

  • Thank you I suppose it's worth a try as nothing else is working! 😊

  • Hi Knicho

    I have struggled with mucus for a while,I am on Carbocisteine (also known as Mucodyne) for clearing mucus, and drink at least 3-4 pints of water a day to ease the issue, My wife brought in some apple, pear and Ginger fruit juice from the Co-op supermarket, I believe Ginger has a lot of good qualities. It maybe just me liking the drink but I find it eases my cough a little I also drink fresh pineapple juice as we heard pineapple contains something that can ease coughs in some cases. I keep trying various things to ease the mucous but do find the ginger does possibly ease things though everyone is different.

  • Thank you I may give some Juice or ginger tea a try it can't do any harm! I'm also going to ask my gp about mucodyne though as it sounds like that may help too x

  • it's simple to get rid of if you have the time. sing your heart out for at least an hour and a half every day and the mucus/cough goes BUT if you stop everything comes back again, at least it does with me.

  • Very funny! If you'd heard my singing voice you might change your mind!

  • It is just a matter of singing, what it sounds like doesn't matter

    it is the reactions of singing that make it work.

    Try it and see the difference it makes after a few days.

  • Oh you are being serious! I thought you were taking the mickey 😂 Well it's worth a go I'll give it a try then!

    Thank you!

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