I have emphysema Applied for pip and get 83.00 a month, had it relooked at in November as I have got a lot worse, had someone come out and asses me there decision was that my payments stay the same, anyone have any advice as I can hardly do anything anymore and have constant chest infections and also suffer from ankle and foot swelling daily yet depends don't seem to think I'm any worse

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  • hi don't know what your getting, but I get standard rate mobility and that is £87.20 every 4 weeks and that is the lowest amount they can pay you, so I don't understand why your only getting £83.00. I would query that.


  • Hiya, sorry £87.20 is what I'm getting

  • Hi I get £77.90 per week witch is £307.60 per 4weeks. So I think you should both check your amounts if you only get £83.00 and £87.20 every four weeks I am on standard rate for mobility and care

  • only standard rate mobility I get nothing for daily living £21.80 per week

  • There is no way you should only be getting that for daily living or mobilty Tam, you definitely need to get some help to have it reassessed. xx

  • Low rate mobility is 87.20 a month that's what I get to

  • Yes I agree. This is the standard amount my husband receives too. That being £307.60 a month. CAB very good here on giving advise to make sure you are on the correct benefits. Good luck with it as it doesn't seem correct.

  • I don't understand how they get to the decision they do someone can be on oxygen and get turned down yet others can work part time and get it totally confused 😞

  • PIP is a stand alone benefit and you can get it whether you are working or not. It's often arbitrary who can receive it. x

  • Yes I agree with what your saying to

  • gov.uk/pip/what-youll-get This shows what you should be getting

  • Thanks for that think I'm going to ring them again and ask to telook at my claim

  • Put it in writing and send special delivery or they will say they have not received it.

  • I have severe copd and depression .I was awarded £450 per month PIP it certainly doesn't seem you are being awarded the right amount if I was you I would appeal x

  • Thanks shadow I have asked them to rebook at it once but still the same. I'm going to ring them tomorrow but don't hold out much hope

  • I know exactly where your coming from u need to ask for a mandatory decision which means some one else looks at your claim then if that's still no then it's the papers for tribunal that's how it goes I'm the same as u I can't even get to the toilet with out an injailer in my hand and that's if I make it I've just applied for pip again waiting it's my 3rd time over the last 3 years yes we shall see I will be doing the advice I have given u many thanks

  • Just seen this post; Outrageous! i hope you have put in an appeal; then gather all your information/all your paperwork from your specialists, and send this in; send it by registered post/nor recorded; they need to know how your illness affects you.

  • You have to go for a mandatory reconsideration, that is as bad, then you can go for a appeal, people usually win at the appeal so don't give up.

    Anyone claiming pip should join the Benefits and Work website they are excellent for information.

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