Double pneumonia

My daddy is 79 years old he was diagnosed with double pneumonia. He is home now can home with oxegen. Was wondering how long it will be till he is back to what he use to be. He was a very active man, cooked, took care of my mom played hours with his 3 great grandkids. Now he is weak has lose 8 pound is always tired. My oxegen level is 97 with oxegen on. Have not checked it without the O2 on.

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  • Hi kalval, sorry to hear about your daddy and his ill health. Pneumonia can take quite sometime to recover from but who knows, your daddy could do well in the future. Let's hope so. In the meantime he will have family who love him to offer support. Xxxxxx

  • Hello kalval, sorry to hear your daddy's been so ill. As sassy says it can take some time to recover from pneumonia, but it sounds as though he was well and active before he was ill and that's always good. Try to think what you'd expect if he'd had a major operation - pneumonia is similar in the effects it can have on the body, and the body needs the same sort of gentle recovery.

    It might help if you spoke to his GP or nurse, and ask them how he's doing, and in what ways you could help him.

    Look after yourselves, Sue xxx

  • Took me fully a year to get over it. Just let every day take care of itself and things will improve gently but surely. Best wishes.

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