Bad chest infection lasting over a month

Hi I have been diagnosed with asthma over copd

recently I have had a bad chest infection I have been put on Prednisone for 10 days 40mgs and antibiotics Erythromycin 250mgs 2x times daily total of 56tabs

But I still am trying to cough up mucus but I am having difficulty

I am well into the last days of meds and sound like a crackling machine

I am 68

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  • I think you should go back to GP as it sound like the infection is still there, it could take up to two lots. Get well quick.xx

  • Cheers was thinking the same 😃

  • Carbocisteine can help thin the mucus and it often takes two lots of antibiotics to clear an infection so you probably need to see your GP again.

  • What is Carbocisteine I am not familiar with this tks 😃

  • It is frequently prescribed for people with chest infections because it works to thin the mucus and so makes it easier to expel. Here is the patient leaflet:

    Please ask your doctor if it would be something you could try.

  • ..Oh dear, I have something similar to what you describe Collonlane - mine has been described as " COPD WITH AN ASTHMA OVERLAP " , Ime now permanently on one steroid 10mg every day , the mucus drives me nuts ! - from what you say, I am the opposite, - can't seem to stop bringing the dam stuff up ! ... drives me nuts - seems to build up during the night and then in the morning , the " Niagara " torrent begins ! , have you tried " Carbocisteine " ? - they certainly work to loosen the stuff up and make it easier to bring up , , I now have to carry a little plastic box to collect the gunge when i'me out - it was costing me fortune in paper hankies to collect the stuff !, - when I get home , just wash it out ready for the next " Refill " ! ... it seems we're all different with this dam disease - try not to " Suffer"

  • Thanks for the reply must have a word with the Doc

    Have a great weekend 😃

  • Hi

    Join the club..,something nasty is going about and you and l have got it !!

    Two different courses of ABs and a course of are steroids and l still feel rough !!

    Fed up with it now 🤒🤒

    Hope you feel better soon 🌷


  • Thanks Velvet 55 same to you have a great weekend 😀

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