Well today it kicked off in my doctors gp's surgery WELL I went to doctors with toe cramps and sore leg tibia pain.

Horrendous pain is and stops me walking INTERNET give me heads up on tibia pain AS could be shin splints but need to make sure you don't have leg STREES fracture.

And QUACKs try save few bucks by calling it shin splints

Jury is still out on my leg pain as feels like my tibia is being twisted when I walk.

Doctor said drink some tonic water QUINiNE but I would have to drink about litter of it to get dose doctor would prescribe for leg foot cramps.

So all be on phone tomoz as quinine is could cause or contribute to INTERSTITIAL LUNG DISEASE like I ant got enough lung disease issues going on.

Why it all kicked of in doctors is I go there with debilitating leg pain cramps and ask doctor for letter for medical w##%% those famous fake doctors or hcp and doctor refused to do letter saying coz I went to doctors I could go there.

Disgusting I never knew if you go doctors becouse your ill IT's part of fitness test.

Well I said to doctor O is that right and told doctor today is my last day here as you are using my attendance at doctors against me.

So told doctor from this point AM to ill to attend so can you send nurse to take my bloods etc and any future appointments you will have to attend my home.

So nurse say's home visits are for those with a Chronic Disease so I asked nurse what dose she think copd is and emphysema and antibody issues.


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  • Oh JAS! Could things get any worse? You said the right thing to the nurse that's for sure, what a cheek!

    I do wish you some good luck as you certainly could do with it.

    Take care xxxxxxx

  • Hi Sassy have faced bigger challenges BUT the not getting away with it.

    Loads people go doctors because the unwell DOCTOR as no right saying cause a go there am ok.

    Said same to my dad before he broke is hip.

  • Some doctors are beyond belief. How is your dad doing? Take care both. Xxxxx

  • Hi Cheers yer dads ok now home.

    Is discharge paper is disgrace it don't mention AKI or Pneumonia or Sepsis

    Just says about hip and chest infection.

    So got to find out if that is even legal hiding information from is discharge

  • Oh dear JAS and so it goes on. Glad your dad's home. Xxxx

  • Me too :) was touch and go

    Anyway it dose go on but am stronger for it

    Unless I do have stress fracture lol

  • Very worrying. I think a letter of complaint to the Practice Manager might be the next step.

  • Hi Azure tried grabbing pratice manager but he was to fit and escaped but am defo going to give it them tommorow.

  • You have been so unlucky with the meds. There are some good ones around - give you a tour of our local surgery.

  • Hi pergola cheers i have just a tad .. am sure its just hicup no biggy really

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