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My partner has left me,and my dad is waiting to hear back if he is entitled to pip I live with my dad and care for him, so I would like to see if I'm entitled to carers allowance, but while I'm waiting will I have to claim jsa, I have two little ones and don't know which way to turn, as if I sign on for jsa who will look after my dad, but I can't wait for months with no money please someone give me advice

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  • Hi

    Have a chat with BLF benefits advisor

    03000 030 555

  • Thank you for your advice stone

  • Sorry stone to go on but what does the Blf stand for

  • HI Tillymay,

    I am the benefits advisor at BLF.

    You do have a couple of different options.

    You would have to wait until your dad gets his entitlement, as to get CAllowace the disability benefit needs to be paid for the daily living component (within PIP.)

    This can take a while, so financially you could make a claim for JSA - once you have made your claim and you attend Job centre plus for your "signing on."

    This is an opportunity for you to discuss with your advisor a suitable and realistic "jobseekers agreement" taking into account you have young children and you care for your dad.

    I hope this helps.

    If you do need any further information or would like to have a chat in more details:

    Our helpline is open from 9-5, Monday - Friday.

    I would be happy to have a chat with you.

    Leah :)

  • Thank you so much Leah for your help, my head is all over the place at the moment, and all this waiting around isn't helping, I'm so worried about my dad begin left on his own, thank you once again x

  • One more question Leah could I just claim for tax credits without jsa and see how I cope, or would I have to claim jsa as well

  • Leah is finished for the day. Please give her a ring tomorrow on 03000 030 555.

  • Thank you mrs mummy your all very kind x

  • Hi how old are your 2 little ones? If either of them are under 5 you should be able to get income support as a single parent. If your dad gets the middle rate of PIP or higher you should be able to claim carers allowance for him.

    Why don't you ring BLF and ask to speak to their benefits advisor?

    Oh BLF stands for British Lung Foundation! x

  • Thank you bev my boys are 7 and ten so I would have to go to work, but I can't leave my dad he relies on me and without me he wouldn't cope, I'm so scared reading different stories about people not getting there pip my dad has stage 3 sarcoidosis asthma and generalised osteoarthritis also leg problems which all affect his everyday life, but thank you so much for your advice xx

  • You can claim tax credits without a means tested benefits.

    However - if you are wanting to get assistance with rent and council tax.

    You must make a nil income declaration at your local city council which will suffice for 1 month until the relevant benefits are in place.

    Just to pick up on some comments from earlier replies - great advise been given, just something to bare in mind, that there is no "Middle Rate" of PIP. It only consists of "Standard & High."

    I do hope the information has been of help - and you get your benefits in place soon.

    Leah :)

  • Thank you so much for your help Leah, we will just have to wait to hear back from pip, it's so hard all this change, but I'm sure I will get there soon thank you once again I'm so pleased there are people like you, and everyone else that has gave good advice, thank you x

  • This may help you. I claimed carers allowance for my husband and I could only earn a certain amount each week and had to send regular pay slips in

  • You could try this too

  • Thank you nottobad for your help and advice, it makes me feel a little better to know people are here x

  • I cannot comment on your own benefits but your dads attendance allowance is paid to him,how he spends or gives to you is entirely his affair.

  • Looking at some of the info here it must be very confusing for you. Definitely get proper advice in your situation. Carers allowance on its own would not be enough to live on, you will still need to claim tax credits and housing benefits on top for you and your children. If you live with your father and it's his property then obviously you won't need to claim housing benefits but would need to sort out council tax benefits.

    If your father is over a certain age he will have to claim attendance allowance not PIP. As someone else has said PIP has standard and higher rates for care and mobility. I would advise that you get an assessment at home if his breathing is very poor. Ask for a letter from your GP to state his health is so poor. I hope your father has included photocopies of letters from the hospital consultants regarding his health as this really does help. I've just been through it all and I got really stressed and it made my health worse. The assessor turned up at my home but it worked for me because I was so ill I was in bed. The key is filling in the forms by stating how you are on your worst day. Being honest about it works, the assessor was really nice and I had the decision two weeks after but I did have to fight to get my home assessment.

    Please contact your local job centre plus and tell them about your situation or your local Citizens advice bureau. You can even contact then online. But sort it out as soon as you can you will also need to sort out maintenance from your ex partner .

    Good luck I've been in your shoes but I was working full time with my children being 8 and 11 and looking after my mother who had chronic Emphysema and heart disease. I couldn't get carers because I worked full time.

    But it was worth it in the end.

  • Thank you so much for your reply I must say I really do admire you for working full time and looking after your mum and children it must have been very hard, we have had a letter today to say that my dads assessment will be at home, which I was surprised as we didn't ask for this so I don't know if this is good or bad, I don't know what to expect and what they will ask, I did include letters from the hospital and gave names of people that he has to see, so I suppose that must of helped, I'm so scared at the moment for my dad and begin in my situation but it does help to know other people have been through the same thank you so much for your reply xx

  • That's sounds good. You seem to have done everything perfectly! Have faith in yourself, you can do this and you'll be amazed at what you can achieve.

    I really don't think your Dad will have a problem but you really need to get your finances in order for your own peace of mind.

    I don't work at the moment due to health issues but I'm planning to work from home as being homes is driving me crazy lol!

    I took a degree ten years after my divorce and went to uni with my son. I wanted to work with people who had suffered Domestic violence like I had but although I gained a 2:1 Hons degree hadn't got to use it. Now the Open University have offered me a chance to do a masters degree, which is funded, and said I could work from home for them. Which would be great but for being diagnosed with more tumours last week. If it's meant to be it will be.

    Sorry about the life story but just wanted you to see that there's life after all this. I'm not assume you had issues with domestic violence either. You don't have to experience that to feel like the rugs been pulled from under you. Especially if your dealing with an ill parent too.

    I actually met my soul mate after my divorce, who helped me with my Mum, taking it in turns with me to look after my Mum. She loved him too and said she could pass away in peace knowing I was safe. My new husbands family used to help to, even before we married. They used to take his disabled brother down to see her even though they live miles away. My children changed their name to his and called his Mum and Dad 'Nan and Grandad' we are still together and been married 18 years last December.

    Sometimes things happen to force us to go in the right direction!

    If you feel you need someone to talk to DM me anytime but there's some lovely people on here.

    Let us know how things go?

    Remember tell them exactly what you have to do for your Dad and make sure he tells them how he is on his worst day. It's tempting sometimes for people to say ' I'm ok' 'I can do this that and the other' when in fact they can't because they feel ashamed of being ill.

    Good luck

  • You sound so strong paulaw to go through what you have been through and come out the other side is so amazing, it gives me some hope,I'm going to sort myself out next after my dads appointment, I'm so worried it feels like they are judging you in a bad way, I help him every morning put on the bottom half of his clothes, I cook all his dinners as he can't do this, I tell him when to take meds, do all his paperwork and phone calls, basically everything, sometimes it's like looking after another child, sorry to go on,but everyone keeps saying they are trying to take everyone off of pip, I really don't know I'm so worried 😩 but I must say talking to a positive person like you does so pleased you took the world with both hands and achieved a masters degree and you moved on in your life you deserve to be happy.thank you for begin there it's a great help xx

  • Sounds like your Dad will get his PIP no problem. You also need to emphasise that he has issues moving around. Even if he uses an aid to walk he must have a pain and or breathlessness walking the length of two buses. Say if he has to stop and get his breath back ect.

    I know what you mean about being judged, it's awful. I feel like I'm being watched all the time, particularly because I look look quite young for my age and I struggle to eat so my weight is low. People assume too much. But when you are in that situation you think your being judged when really your not.

    I told the assessor how I felt and she said that people focus on the negative aspects when she has actually got people higher rates of PIP than DLA but the media don't mention that.

    I have turned down the offer of a wheelchair because my back doesn't like the bumping it gets when I'm in one and my condition means I have to move or it freezes up. DLA looked more favourable on people who needed to use such aids but for some people they don't work. I have two walking sticks and two crutches but my hands hurt and my neck freezes by using them so I can't move at all.

    So please don't worry, I did but it was ok.

  • Bless you paulaw thank you for all your good advice it really helps, my dad has sarcoidosis, asthma, generalised osteoarthritis, and was born with congenital dislocated patellae this is where his knee is at the side of his leg and give way at any time,so he use a stick to get about now, and stops all the time because he is short of breath and his hands hurt, and he is always in pain with his leg, it's very hard as you say because if my dad is sat down he looks well but he isn't i just hope we get a nice assessor,I hope your having a good day paulaw and thank you for begin here for me xx

  • Very good advice.

  • H I have COPD psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis and was awarded standard for both care and mobility. I have things to help with daily living and got points for them I was one point away from getting enhanced rate. For daily living. So if you do every thing for your dad I am sure he will have no problem getting it you will get points for that.

  • Thank you nottobad I do everything for him and even strip wash him as he can't get in our bath even with the bath seat he doesn't feel safe, so it's like looking after another child sometimes, but of course I don't mind as he is my dad after all but it is hard work some days, thank you for your good advice as well it's so nice to know people really care xx

  • I know what the dislocation thing is like, all my joints have done that since I was a child. I have to wear knee braces and my knee caps have worn away due to it. I used to play tennis as a teenager and had to be taken to hospital constantly with dislocated elbows, wrists and ankles. I even smashed my left arm aged 11 due to slipping at school and I fell on my arm and it bent the wrong way. Broke my forearm and wrist!

    If I were you when the assessor comes, if your Dad looks ok when sat, I would say this to them. I'm not good in a morning or afternoon most days and the pain really makes me look ashen so I wasn't asked to do anything but if your Dad looks ok they may assume the pains not too bad?

    Does walking make him breathless? Pain can also do that so make them points too. Good luck!

  • Ahh paulaw it's horrible when knees dislocated, or any other limb dislocates I feel sorry for you as I know what it's like as my dad has many falls when the leg just gives way, he has no muscle at the thigh as this has gone because of the knee, he is really bad first thing in the morning because it's hard to loosen the leg after begin in bed, he does get very breathless trying to walk because of the strain of the leg and his sarcoidosis and asthma also he has osteoarthritis in the hips and spine and hands so he is always in pain with these conditions, but does try to live a life if you can call it that,thank you for begin so helpful I'm really grateful sending hugs your way xx

  • He's lucky to have you! I'm sure he'll be ok with the assessment. Make sure you get all the help you need though.

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