Low oxygen

Mums had low oxygen levels today so spoke to her doctor and he said unless your mum wears her oxygen theirs not a lot left we can offer I have tried to encourage her to wear it but no joy with that one where's his support spoke to the BLF and they basically told me the same but were very supportive towards me it was like being hit on the bac of the head with a hammer reality has kicked in I was in denial about everything but I know now about the harm it's doing to mums internal organs I am so worried about her but theirs nothing more I can do I'm watching her basically slip away from me we have good days and bad days I'm not looking forward to the days,weeks,months who knows how long we have left with mum that all depends on how longer she keeps goin on low oxygen levels today they are 63-70 but refuses to have oxygen on 😞

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  • I really do hope things improve, sorry to hear how poorly your mum is. Thinking of you all . Love Bernadette xxx

  • Dear Chezzyy66 you are continuing to do your very best for Mum under extremely difficult situations. My thoughts are with you both. I'm glad you have this forum to "release" a little of the tension. Best wishes.

  • So sad Chezzy but do please keep talking to us if it helps even a little. You are doing your very best and that's all anyone can ask. Please take care of you too. Blessings to your dear mum. Xxxxx

  • I'm so sorry, I know how hard it is when you can't do anything to make things better but you're being fantastic with her and giving her exactly what she needs, your support and your love. Take care xxx

  • You may want to get a little bit of counseling for yourself on how to deal with this. When my father passed in 1991 just before he slipped into a coma he threw away all his medications and refused oxygen and his last words were this party is over and died Peacefully a few minutes later. I still miss him terribly but remember so many good times. I hope you will find peace and tell your mum that it okay to go. Maybe she is hanging on for her love for you. Take care of yourself.

  • Keep writing to us Chezzy, you need some support. Painful reading when you are trying to do your level best for your Mum whom we can see you love dearly. Please look after yourself too.


  • Hi there, I know it's hard to accept, I was in a similar situation to your mum with low oxygen levels and not wanting to use my cannula but I accepted it reluctantly and now I feel better and less fatigued. I understand your concern and hope your mum gives it a go.

    Kind regards


  • Hi Chezzy, I know how hard it is for a carer at times. You must try and look after yourself and the best way I have found to cope is to have a good natter with friends who support you, that's why this forum is so good! Take care.

  • Sending you a big hug ,it must be heart breaking for you ,thinking of you ,xx

  • This is such a sad situation Chezzy and your heart must be breaking. Your mum is so lucky to have you with her for support. You're being so strong and brave and there's nothing you haven't tried to keep her on that oxygen, bless you both. All best wishes Chezzy x

  • Hi Chezzy I'm also from Chesterfield, how is your mum, I'm so sorry she has been really poorly xx

  • Hi nice to meet you, mums oxygen is still low we've had a reading of 84 the last few days but today it's gone bac to low 70s her appetite is very poor now but I still make her smile and we laugh together xxxx

  • Aww Bless her can she get out and about I find walking helps me, if she just goes slow and steady if she feels up to it that is xx

  • Hi no she stays in bed all the time but gets out to toilet she has Alzheimer's too somits very difficult for mum to understand how important the oxygen is but she refuses to use it xxx

  • O gosh it must be so difficult for you, I hope you get help with carers and other family members so you can take a little break for yourself xx

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