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Hi hope everyone is feeling ok

For my own reasons I would just like to ask people who have COPD at the mild or modarte stage who at the moment just only use the emergency has and when inhaller and how long they could just use them ( weeks,months, years ) before they had to go to to there GP for a stronger inhaler like say seretide 500 or 250 or anything differant because there breathing got worse.

I know all of our lungs are differant but it is just the people who at the moment can manage on JUST useing the has and when inhallers and for how long.

Best wishes


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I can't really remember when I was diagnosed COPD, it was around the time that my wife died 2010 and I had other things on my mind. I didn't know what it was until I had a new carpet fitted and the fumes from the carpet and the adhesive affected me so badly that I had to dial 999. I was kept in hospital for three days during which time a consultant came around with a team of students (playing up to the young attractive members). He didn't speak to me, but as he left I asked him what had been wrong with me. He said over his shoulder as he walked away "COPD", the first time I heard the description.

I was pretty well back to normal in a couple of weeks and getting used to life on my own after 54 years of married life. The doctor gave me 3 inhalers, Ventolin, Seretide125 and Ipratropium20mcg. I followed the instructions to the letter and more or less forgot about COPD which I thought, until I came here, was a complaint in it's own right and not a collection of other complaints.

About three years ago, after a couple of chest infections, a was given an emergency supply of antibiotics and steroids to fend off impending attacks. These served me well until a couple of months ago when they seemed clear the upper infection but left my chest congested. The noise going on in my chest made it impossible to sleep even if I could ignore the discomfort caused. I have a number of other complaints which I have to see my doctor about so I don't like bothering him if I think self-help can to the trick. Coming here and learning about huffing etc seem to be working for me.

I don't know whether my rambling have helped in any way. Like you say, all our lungs are different as are circumstances. I'm 85 now and am not looking to live for ever.



Hi music. I think many people are prescribed a variety of inhalers when they are first diagnosed with COPD. I was given 4 but they were reduced to 2 over time and seeing what helped and what didn't.

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I was given just the reliever ventolin when first diagnosed I used it for a month went back to gp said it don't make any difference if im breathless and take it , she said well done take it then never gave me anything else 2 years later I ended up in hospital with a collapsed lung I see a consultant who couldn't believe I wasn't on inhalers with a copd diagnoses , he even went off the ward to the hospital pharmacy himself and got me two preventers and a reliever to use ,


I only take a low dose preventer 50umg Clenil (cream MDI) and Formoterol...

Can do without in the summer. I'm at the mild end of moderate last spiro, but have been prone to infections this winter... (OK at the moment.. touching wood.. :))


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