Distinction at last

Well that's it, my new GP has finally got it right! I am unique - I have congenital heart disease which needs repair redoing, lots of lung problems and I am still alive! Gosh, what a privilege. Spoke to him yesterday and told him my ambition is to live long enough for my grandson to remember me, said so far I am doing a pretty good job and he will keep me going. At 73 I have already outlived the average life expectancy for my heart problems. Being b..... minded helps so I shall continue as I started. Flanders and Swann brought back memories, perhaps I had better not sing it here as I live 100 yards from Welsh border, although chap up the road flies English flag in full sight of Wales! P.S. love it here and no international problems for me!

Hope everyone keeps as well as possible, looking forward to Spring xx

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  • Well done. Love your attitude and ambitions.

  • Hello Carnival

    Carry on being bloody minded, it's working for you 😂

    Keep it up and l am sure you will have many more years to enjoy your grandsons company.

    Good luck


  • Very positive post Carnival inspite of your health issues. Good for you and you will be remembered by many plus your grandson of course.

    Love and good wishes to you. Xxx

  • Distinctive and bloody minded? Excellent!! All the best to you xx

  • Hello Carnival.

    That's the spirit!! 💜💜💜

  • Well done to you! I though the Welsh loved us?

  • Thanks for so much support! BTW have no problems with the Welsh, nothing but kindness here! Not sure about the chap up the road who flies the English flag mind you.

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