Rib Pain

I developed a sharp gripping pain in the left side of my ribs I can take breath no problems but this pain doubles me up & have to hold my breath when I have it as breathing makes it worse.I dont smoke never have don't currently have a cough or a cold...do I need to see my GP or will this pass... so long as I keep still it is not a problem help I have not had any injury or done any Manuel labour & im not on the pill

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  • Hi Millie, if you live in the UK , could you ring 111 for advice.

    Otherwise ring your GP surgery and tell them about the pain.

  • Hi we can't really give you much idea of what it could be over the net. You need to see your doctor for a diagnosis. x

  • I would definitely contact your GP and find out what's going on. Good luck. Xxxxx

  • .Hi Millie,

    if you can take deep breaths without any pain i do not think it is anything serious, it could be you have pulled a muscle but even so speak to your doctor.

  • Whatever it is cannot be diagnosed on here. I agree you need to see a doctor.

  • I would get checked up and get reasured by your doctor especially having a lot of pain...lots of love glynis

  • Yes thank you everyone I'm going to see if I can get an appointment with my GP this week. Never had anything like this, I have had pneumonia but the pain was nothing like this & it's so out of the blue got me baffled....let you know what GP says

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