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Post pneumonia?

Hi Everyone, it's good to read your posts, some positive and some seeking help and reassurance, you will get it all on this site, stick with it.

If you recall, I lost 5 days of my life being shunted around hospital whilst they found some medication for my pneumonia, well it didn't seem to clear up properly so I contacted Papworth Hospital who look after me when I have my annual check up. The nurse showed my file to a Doctor who said I should have a course of Ciprofloxacin and Prednisolone, I was very pleased with that because I know from past experience that with the Cipro I soon begin to feel better. I thought it was working but today I feel just like I did before and have developed a cough. I have to see the Respiratory Nurse at my surgery on Thursday (hope I pick up and am able to see her) so maybe we'll get to the bottom of things.

I've also got to have a bone density scan at the Nuffield (a private hospital) but it's being done under the NHS! Take care and wrap up warm and put a scarf round your nose and mouth if you are going out this cold, frosty (and foggy tomorrow) weather. Love Lizzy xx

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Sorry to hear you are not feeling great Lizzy but hope something can be done for you on Thursday.

Good wishes to you. Xxxxx


Thank you Sassy59, I'll keep you posted about what happens next. Take care, Love Lizzy x

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Hi lizzy

It's good that something positive is happening and also that they keeping an eye on your bone density as preds can have a detrimental effect

Take care



Thanks Jimmy1c. I let you know the outcome. Take care. Love Lizzy x


Hello Lizzy, Seems you may have picked up this horrible virus that is floating about..... so let's hope you haven't and good luck for Thursday.

All the best:-)


Thanks to everyone for your good wishes.

Jennifer S - my husband had that horrible virus before Christmas and I thought that was what I had when I became ill on Christmas Day but as you know mine was pneumonia but my husband then caught a chest infection so we were a right pair of old crumblies when I came out of hospital.

Take care, Love Lizzy x


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