Freezing cold this weekend, and the middle of winter

Freezing cold this weekend, and the middle of winter

.....and this weekend I have had a pair a pigeons building a nest on my balcony, between the wall and an old monitor (that I must remember to take for recycling)! They are bringing twigs to make a rudimentary nest, basically they just make a mat to lift their eggs up from direct contact from the nesting site (insulation).

I think they need a calendar out there to remind them it is still winter.

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  • Hi 2greys, last year we had a wood pigeon nesting in our tree. She lay 2 eggs but they never hatched and the nest was abandoned. Shame really.

    Stay warm, xxxxx

  • Good morning 2greys,

    They, and the Collared Doves, are rubbish at nest building. When they nest in a tree it's a miracle that the egg does not fall through what as you say is basically a skimpy mat - plus round here is the added danger of a large extended family of Magpies waiting to fill their own bellies.

    Maybe yours are just practising...:-D

  • Magpies. We have an abundance of them. The cats around here slink about afraid of them, it' not unusual to see magpies dive bombing the cats especially during the breeding season.

  • Cats - I honestly do love every one of them. I could never hurt a cat, unlike a neighbour who keeps her hosepipe handy. Nearly every person in the area has a cat. They all love my garden. They come here to sit - no that word doesn't look quite right - I think there is a letter missing ...............anyway - they all make good use of my garden's hidden places because they know that Merlin likes their company, and in the past, if I didn't catch him, has eaten with gusto what they have deposited for him. It's been a nightmare. Now it will soon be Herring Gull nesting season which means we have to protect ourselves with an umbrella whatever the weather, until we get to the fields. They have to nest somewhere since the Clowncil built up sea defences, quite rightly so, but offered the gulls no alternative but to move on to bungalow land chimneys. How shortsighted was that? They were warned by local people but ignored.

    Sorry 2 greys, I can talk for England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales.


  • Unfortunately pigeons breed all year round!!!!

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