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Well I have RANK sinus infection and dads coming home but he's suffering from results of sepsis and over hydration

And that's tough one to fix ... So have to make mental note to ask doctors what is lactic acid is doing and ask about giving dad blast of oxygen if he' spo2 is low but pulse is high AS could be still septic given there dire incompetence.

All be sure to use words like dire incompetence when I ask about board spectrum antibiots working and svo2 and where's he's abouttry oxygen.

On a plus at least I don't have streptococcus infection ... but am questing if it was wise for me to have streptococcus vaccine.

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Sending good wishes to you and your dad JAS and hope things improve very soon. Thinking of you both. Xxxxxx


Hi sassy cheers n thanks

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I'm sorry to hear you have a sinus infection, Daz, and hope it clears soon. On the other hand, very good news that your dad is coming home. I expect he will be happy to be back in familiar surroundings and so much easier for you to make sure he has all he needs. xxx


Hidden so good to know you're Dad is coming home now. Not so good to hear you have a terrible sinus infection. Surely one could rely on the medics arranging home oxygen for Dad, should he'd of needed it? Or is that too much to ask nowadays? Best wishes.


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