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Severe cough

In the last12 months I have had 4 chest infections antibiotics,steroids. My doctor changed my inhaler to Sirdupla which is helping with shortness of breath , I have had a cough which has been going on for months I feel that I can't clear my lungs and throat to the point it affects my voice. I have been cleared from throat cancer . Has anyone tried trid salt therapy either by pipe or nebuliser? Any suggestions would be welcome.

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Hi I went to pr about 2 years ago and they have a method of clearing your lungs I'm not sure if they don't have a video on hear that shows you stone would help find the link hope this helps


Thanks I'll try to find link


a member on hear called stone is very good at this I'm sure he will help you.



One to look at.

There is medication that can thin and loosen phlegm.several devices, flutter, lung flute, can be available on NHS speak to your GP


Thank you for this link Stone. My mum has COPD and has found this really interesting and has started the breathing exercises this minute. She will try anything to help herself and this was a great video with sound advice.


Same here. I have 8 puffs ventolin through a spacer Morning and night and am now doing helpful breathing exercises. They are helping. Seretide 500 spiriva ventolin. In Australia we can get 2 ventolin over the counter any time. Tricky to get them on England I found out!!


Hi I haven't tried any of those therapies but have recently had a horrendous bad cough, sore throat and husky voice for a couple of months. I was taking steroids and antibiotics . Nothing seemed to be working. I went to the chest clinic, got my inhaler changed to fostair nexthaler as the consultant said it had finer particles and would reach the ends of my lungs more easily. I also decided to take a mucus cough remedy called Covonia containing liquorice, squill and ipecacuanha. They worked in my case. Cough went when I was on my second bottle. My voice is still a bit husky every now and then so have been referred to ENT, however doing stretching exercise for my muscles seems to have worked.

Haven't been ill since!

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