Hi my names val been ill since the 2nd wk of Nov, and had previously lots of antibiotics plus steroids ,because I have lung problems anyway and under a top London hospital and I live in Sussex, I'm a boy to have another 2 week course starting on Tuesday after I finish the 9th course I have been told now it pneumonia had it last yr but this time it seems to be taking ages to go ,I tired and really down I'm not well enough to go out although I would like to inform just manage the shopping and that kills me why is it taking so long I know my immune is crap or really doesn't exist atm due to steroid intake and the fact trying to find an antibiotics that work because I'm almost immune .

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  • Hi Val I know how you feel about 2 years ago I had infection after infection I rang my GP to be told they had no appointments for 3 weeks. After that I changed my GP I do hope your feeling well soon we are always hear to support you take care

  • Hi sorry to hear you are so unwell. And have ended up with pneumonia. Have you had the pneumonia jag. I had pneumonia in November too was admitted to hospital and put on abs and painkillers. I also had the pneumonia jag the last one being in 2015. But it was not as bad with having the jag. I was in for 3 days. I too have a low immune system. And have been referred to a immunologist I had a chest X-ray done in December and it had cleared up. May be ask your consultant if you have one. For a referral to see a immunologist take care

  • Sorry to hear that you're feeling so unwell. I hope that you get something sorted soon and that you start improving. Take care. XXX

  • Hi val, sorry you too are ill with pneumonia - I have been ill with it since December - haven't been outdoors for weeks. My immune system is low too - got have more blood tests and another chest X-ray. My respiratory doctor has said having another pneumonia vaccine won't prevent against all strains of it - I guess I'll have to dig out my juicer as part of it may be because I don't eat that well. Take care and hope you start feeling better soon. x

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