Hi this is my 1st time on this site, I'm just looking for some advise, I've been feeling poorly for what seems like eternity ha ha, I had tonsillitis before xmas and was treated with antibiotics, amoxicillin 500mg I finished the course then a week or 2 later I was diagnosed with a chest infection, I've was given more amoxicillin 500 mg which I finished on Monday, I'm still in a lot of pain in my chest and I'm getting a sharp pain when I breathe in, I've just got back from doctors and have now been told it's Pleurisy and I've been given a different antibiotic 250 mg, any advise please in so fed up feeling tired and constantly in pain

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  • Hi you have been in the wars haven't you? Never had pleurisy so can't comment but have heard it is very painful. I just wanted to say hi and welcome to the site. Do you have a lung condition such as copd? x

  • Hi thank you so much for your message, I've been diagnosed with Bronchiectasis in Nov 2016

  • OK. I asked coz obviously if you have a lung condition it would affect lung related problems such as pleurisy.

    There are a number of people on here with bronch and I am sure they will be in soon to help. x

  • That's reassuring to know, thank you again for your message

  • You are very welcome. Sorry I can't be of more help. x

  • coughalot2 Nice kind reply Bev.

  • Hi and welcome I have COPD and after a chest infection I get pleurisy I find a hot water bottle and laying on your side helps mine is always on the left side not nice is it

  • Hi and thank you for getting in contact, yes mine is left sided also and very painful, thank you for your advise I'll try that

  • Hello Donnap

    I have life long bronchiectasis. Several things concern me about your post.

    Firstly, your doctor seems to be treating you as though you have a chest infection that a person without bronch would have, or a chest infection related to COPD.

    bronch is very different. We need high doses of antibiotics for at least two weeks when we get what is termed an exacerbation. Amoxicillin is rarely effective for us. Has your GP sent off a sample of your sputum to test for the bacteria so that you can have the right antibiotic. To be frank, you may as well be eating sweets as taking antibiotics in 250mg doses.

    The pain in your side could indeed be a sign of pleurisy. It can also be related to a bronchiectasis flare up, pneumonia or other complications related to bronch. Only an xray will really show. Pleurisy is more serious in someone with bronch than it is with a normally well person who gets it.

    As you say that you were diagnosed with bronchiectasis in 2016 I presume that you were diagnosed by a consultant and ct scan. Only a ct scan can rule bronch in or out. If you have a consultant I suggest that you phone their secretary and explain everything. Do stress how ill you feel. Unfortunately many GPs know quite a bit about COPD but virtually nothing about bronchiectasis but like to profess that they do. Your consultant should be able to decide what you need and inform your GP how to treat you. If you do not have a consultant do insist on a referral to one who specialises in bronchiectasis. Do not take no for an answer.

    In any case, it is obvious that you have an infection which is not being treated properly. in bronch it is imperative that exacerbations are aggressively treated to prevent further damage to the lungs.

    I hope that helps

  • Wow hi and thank you for your message, I've had many cases over the years of pneumonia and regularly end up being admitted to hospital for treatment, so I do suffer with my chest, in answer to your question I had a CT scan that revealed bronch I saw a consultant who diagnosed this but he has released me back to my GP, I get so frustrated with my GP they always say I have to try amoxicillin first but I always tell them it won't work, and like u I agree the 250mg are gona do nothing but my GP tells m it's a process I must follow, your information was very helpful and having being newly diagnosed with bronch it's lovely to talk to someone who knows there stuff, thanks for getting in contact

  • I'm glad I could help. I really do think that you need a different consultant whom you can have contact with when you need it. It is obvious from what you have said that your GP doesn't know how to deal with bronch. He is putting you through the course that is followed with people who don't have bronch when they get a chest infection. Look for a consultant who specialises in bronch ( they don't all) then be brave and insist that you are referred. The proof for your GP that you need this is the fact that you have been suffering repeated pneumonias and unresolved infections. I'm afraid that this is one of the frustrations of living with bronchiectasis. we have to persuade, bully, educate health professionals for the sake of our health. Good luck.

  • That's a good idea, I will go back to my GP on Monday and get referred back to the specialist who diagnosed me, thank you once again

  • good luck again. There re quite a few bronchs on here and we will be glad to support you and help with anything that you want to know about managing your condition.

  • Great reply SS x

  • Great response Stillstanding63.

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