A 6 monthly Spirometry test?

Next week I have an appointment at the Respiratory Medicine Department and 3 weeks later another CT Scan at the Oncology Centre. Until this week I had not given it much thought, the CT Scan being at the Oncology Centre I put down to the other machine being out of commission for planned maintenance or just fully booked, so I ignored that word, "Oncology".

That nasty whispering monkey, named Anxiety, then jumped on my back. Surely the CT Scan should come first and then the visit to the Respiratory Medicine Dept, that's what it said on my notes too. So dutifully start phone the Hospital for some clarification. The Oncology Dept. confirm my earlier view, their machine was the earliest slot they could give me and advise me to phone the Respiratory Dept. On doing so I was informed it was for another Spirometry test. Another appointment will be made after the scan.

That monkey on my back now started to screech, another Spirometry test after only 6 months from the previous one. Surely I had only read about others having one done at yearly intervals. That monkey on my back will not shut up and starts jumping up & down. So I search the forum for some light on the matter.

Coughalot2, [thank you, take a bow], provided the answer from a post made years ago. Patients diagnosed as severe get them twice a year! That nasty monkey has now climbed down and gone back into hiding...... until the next time.

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  • I have PFTs every six months. Different hospitals and consultants will have different ideas about the frequency of them. Shoot that monkey, replace him with a loving angel who speaks to you with all the love and care of your dearest friend. And don't beat yourself up about anxiety. Everyone --- everyone --- gets anxious around tests. You are a human being. Only a psychopath does not get anxious. And anxiety comes with the territory.

    All the best

    K x

  • Phew! Those monkeys can get jumpy. Glad you found the info you needed 2greys. Xxxxx

  • Whilst I don't mind one of my birds sat on my shoulder, after their shower, (watching parrot videos on YouTube) :) Those monkeys on my back are not welcome, but have to put up with it happening , I can always find help removing them on here.

    Before anyone asks, yes, African Greys can and do watch stuff on screen.

  • That's taken a load off your shoulder then 2greys. I can understand your relief now, plus a bit more room for your feathered friens:-)

  • Nobody informed me about 6 monthly tests and.... well I think you know how that insy winsy itch blows well out of control if you let it. But I thought I would post about it, it may hit a chord with someone, I am not the first to be thrown in the DEEP end without warning and I certainly won't be the last.

  • I never knew your name meant grey parrots - I love that they watch TV. Which programmes do they like best?

  • We don't watch TV anymore, but a video of another African Grey "performing" and if I'm not carefull they will jump at the screen, 3 monitors have been recycled this way! What happened to the old CRT tube monitors?, they would withstand a bird-strike OK.

    They have a similar intelligence to a 4/5 year old human child. Can live 60/70 years in captivity........Eternal toddlers!

  • Wow taken a bow :) Well done for finding that. It must have been after I read the NICE report on copd treatment. It states categorically that anyone classed as severe copd should have a twice yearly annual review. Have a look at the NICE recommendations, you might be surprised at what is on there.

    I am not sure all the recommendations are followed but at least it gives you a weapon against uncaring gp's and equally uncaring hospitals...

    I am glad your monkey has gone now. All you have to do is feed it bananas every so often! x

  • Yes, correct, it was after you read the NICE report on copd treatment. Again thank you. It goes to show just how useful a forum can be for info.

  • Most of what I know about copd I have learnt on here... x

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