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Is this the norm ?

Hi all. I had my Spiro results this morning from my Gp. He said that my Fev1 /fv was at 68% and that my Fev1 was at 70%. That I am now classed as having copd. I asked him if that was why when I walk up stairs or a steep hill I am out of breath and my heart pounds in my chest as I had put it down to being unfit which he said it could be a bit of both. I asked so what happens now do I need any meds. His response has left me confused. He replied that he doesn't want to put me on inhalers or pills until I come back saying its effecting my daily routine.

Is the getting out of breath on stairs and the wheeze I have not call for some kind of help? All he went on about was me quitting smoking which I intend to do. So should I maybe see another Gp or just wait till I'm worse ? Cos I don't think his attitude was to good . ? Any thoughts ??

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Bit catch 22. The fact you are still smoking will have a huge impact on your breathing. If struggling to stop try e-cigs for a few weeks to help you. You will probably see a improvement in your breathing, then you can take another spirometer test, and take it from there.

Using inhalers while smoking will be less effective than if you was not smoking.


Hello Cough,

Excellent advice from won't get better from anyone:-)


Thank you for replying .. I have bought myself a vape cig thingy so will be doing that . Also going to try the patches again . I know I MUST stop the smoking so I'm gony do it. I just don't get that I've to wait till everyday things get hard b4 my doc will entertain me .x


Well I think it is silly to leave you struggling like this even if you do smoke. If I was you I would go back and say you are trying to give up but you do need some help in the meantime ie inhalers to help you breathe. Your doctor shouldn't be refusing you any help just because you smoke.

Oh there is also a quit smoking site on here which is great. They will help and support you in your journey to stop. x


Hi I would find a different GP. I have had gps that look down on me because I still smoked but never had one that would refuse to treat me they surly can't do that I was dx with COPD in 2006 and didn't stop smoking till two years ago.

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Hi Cough-cough, agree with you that you shouldn't have to wait until you get a load worse before you get medical help. With those results your copd is moderate as you probably know and your doctor should be giving you help. Medical treatment is meant to be about prevention where possible so I don't understand your GP's attitude.

You could ask to be referred to pulmonary rehabilitation, a course of exercises and education for people with copd. Your exercise ability will improve and you will learn a lot. PR is evidence based to improve functioning and quality of life for people with copd.


Fev1/Fvc 68% is borderline normal, but a middle aged smoker with symptoms will 99.9% time be COPD suspected/diagnosed. Stop smoking, start walking (exercise).. you may find you don't need inhalers?

Best wishes


Hi cough-cough 1

At the moment, I get wheezy and slight breathless in the mornings and sometimes in the night but i find that a puff or 2 from my emergency has and when inhaller it clears after a short while.

Not sure but i think you can buy these over the counter but your GP should have said that you need them, also breathing exercise can help.



Hi. I am 45 years of age so I don't class myself middle aged lol though to some I am. I am a health care assistant who deals with hoists and other equipment which means I. Am not unfit as I believe I am otherwise I wouldn't be able to do my job. . I just thought that with a Fev1/fvc of 68% I would have been given an inhaler for as when needed . I think I will wait a while and go see another doctor in my practice. See if they agree with my docs decision. To wait till I struggle X


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