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Chest infection copd not getting any better


I have copd im 43 i had an infection in october and for the last 2 weeks another one had 5 day course of antibiotics amoxcillan now on doxycycline and steriods done a sputumn sample dont feel any better lots of sputumn coming up even choking on water and coughed blood up i go dizzy with the coughing and my temp is still up and down should i go back to my gp thanks in advance

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Jessie, yes I think you should go back to your GP, I would if I was you. However it's late so tomorrow I think many more equipt to answer your question will be available to answer your question. I wish you a very speedy recovery.


Yes please go back and see your GP, let us know how you are. Take care ,Bernadette XXX 😊


bless you, definetly go back. I m new to all this and uts my son that I m on here for, he s only 40. It doesn't sound like you should be experiencing all that. Good luck with getting a quick appt, I hope you do. God bless you

Definitely Jessie do go back to your GP. Xxx

Thanks guys had 2 hours sleep all night have phoned to get gp appointment will let you know how i get on

I had the same problem and it turned out to be Pneumonia. I hope you feel better soon hun

Most definitely

Have you made an appointment or seen a GP yet? If not, please do so. It really is important. Have the results come back from the Sputum test?

Good luck with the appointment. Let us know how you get on. XXX


Go back to ur doctor or failing that go to ur local drop in centre, it's a fresh pair of eyes with the amount of people the docs see I feel they don't have time for everyone especially if it's a repeat problem PleAe don't get me wrong neither do the docs at the drop in centres I had to wait 3 hours but it was worth it he sent me to the hospital who at the time sorted me out. With all the problems with overuse of antibiotics you would think they would want to get to the root of the problem, "the more you have the less your system can fight and gets immune to them" so I was told. I had a chest infection for 9 months and had nine months worth of anti biotics it cannot have done me any good it culminated in me going to A&E with a PE and was in hospital. For a week. Even the doctors I saw there could not understand why mt doctor hadn't sent me somewhere sooner. I was then treated with what I call the "bomber" bag of antibiotics for 4 days, this is just my experience. When my doctor told me I had COPD I didn't have a clue how to manage it if it could be managed I have been so scared I had a condition which I knew nothing about I had to investigate things myself and found these lovely people they are a mine of information and the support if second to none. (Thank you everyone .... Again and again) Or ask to see your asthma nurse they are brilliant my one was so cross with my doctor as he hadn't informed her. They showed me the right way to use my inhalers and I was given a rescue pack I knew not her about but thanks to these people I do now. Everyone is entitled to a second opinion even if you ask to go to the hospital if the doc refuses he'll have to tell you why other than he doesn't feel the need but why are you not getting any better, his treatment can't be working. UNless you suffer with other things and this is making it worse but surely he could tell you. Good luck hope you get it sorted quickly. Thinking of you and "behind" you



Absolutely go back to see your GP. You should not have to suffer an infection for this length of time & be left to struggle on alone.

Phone & get an appointment & I hope you get the help you need.

Get well soon but please let us know how you get on 🌸

Hi hun i find amoxacillin doesnt work for me waste of time takin it doxycycline & clarythromycin are good also you may find you need 10 to 14 days tablets to get rid of infection 5 days is not long enough , yeah i would go back to your gp .are you under the hospital for copd if so ring the pert team they would advise you hope it helps

Told me to keep taking doxycycline put me on nebuliser which has eased my chest new inhaler and head doesnt feel like its in a vice thanks for your advice

get back to gp asap

so many young people here with copd very disturbing

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