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Well surprise surprise I failed my dwp medical ...... One passage reads if Mrs Jones gains employment she will be able to apply for a wheelchair through the nhs so I could " engage in the labour market they told me on Friday that I'd failed and now have an interview Thursday to see what jobs are availed and sign on !!!!! Stressed is not the word

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  • Hi

    So do you find a job, then surprise them by asking for wheelchair access, allocated parking.

    The women must have taken a overdose of " sick in the head pills"

    You need to appeal this outrages decision.

    You apply for job as a human being, not some machine awaiting for suitable attachments to carry out a certain task.

  • I am sorry to hear this Mahoney. I have just read your previous post about the problems you had at your assessment, and as blf_leah offered to help then, I suggest you contact her again via the helpline (03000 030 555).

    I know how worrying this is for you and hope you will be able to negotiate a more acceptable outcome.

    Best wishes, Annie

  • These people at the DWP have no idea, do they think we are trying to avoid work. It really does make me angryxxx

  • UNBELIEVABLE. Makes my blood boil MahoneyMahoney. How can they suggest that once you've found a job that you then have to apply for a NHS wheelchair! Have they any idea,just what a long process that is? Totally absurd,given your problems etc and now you've got to go through the whole "appeal process"....... I really do feel for you. So unfair. Please do take advice like annienell says from the BLF ladies. They can most definatley help you. Keep us posted won't you?

  • I am so sorry at this redicuously unfair decision. I hope you will appeal. As mentioned you could contact BLF or Welfare Rights, DIAL or CAB - you need the advice of a benefits expert asap. It will ease the stress.

    Good luck Mahoney. Pease let us know how you get on.


  • As others say, do please appeal this totally outrageous decision as it is inhuman. What work are you supposed to do then? Unbelievable!!! Xxxx

  • Hi that's outrageous how are you expected to propel your wheelchair with your lung condition. Appeal


  • Thanks very much for every ones comments I will definitely not appeal I cannot go through all that again too much stress see what they say when I go up on Thursday xx will keep you posted thanks again

  • Hi there I agree with others appeal this ridiculous decision. Officially if you are in need of a wheelchair then you are unable to walk never mind work. These benefits are supposed to be for disabled and if you had the disabled benefits you could buy a wheelchair, just a thought.

  • Hi,they did the same to me with my esa and I'm expecting lose my dla and my mobility car, my only means of getting out as a I can't walk far, copd,emphysema, osteoarthritis in my neck,constant pain and the depression it brings, it's disgusting, I know what you are going through, have you done the mandatory appeal, it's worth a try, I did it but not heard back yet, not holding out much hope, don't give up x

  • I have lost my motability car stuck in a village no busses I have COPD stage 3 stroke left me disabled and arthritis in my hips and spine sleep apnoea diabetes on insulin I am waiting to go to a tribunal now I can't walk without my crutches it is very stressful time

  • So sorry to hear that, it's just unbelievable what they are doing to genuinely ill people, and all the benefits advice places are unable to help because there's so many needing help, good luck at your tribunal

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