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forgot if you are severe from 20% to 60 % Copd anti depressants Antihistamines, Tylonol Naproxen Aleve all pain pills will effect your breathing . Just look it up yourself on google ask the question,,,,, who should not take,, for instance Naproxen while having COPD what the meds are doing to you when you have Copd in Make Leukotrienes It make the muscles surrounding the bronchial to contract resulting in wheezing and more shortness of breath and more Mucus . Doctor don't know this at least they didn't tell me

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True, normanspoon - it's a good idea to read the leaflets that come with the tablets.


It does not tell you that in the leaflets or worn you . You must ask the question on google who should not take anti depressants or aleve Naproxen anti inflammatory Tylonol any of them even Lyrica for pain . they all make Leukotrienes in your lungs (( Mucus)) you will lose 10 to 20 % lung function .


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