I can help people with copd

Hi my name is Norman I've have Copd since 2007 quite smoking 10 years now I was at 57% lungs function I'll cut to the chase . from 1% to 33 % is severe to moderate copd 34% to 68% severe to Moderate. at 70% and up you would not notice copd or lung Desease If you are a smoker quit. The best thing to loosen Phlegm is get a Thumper vibrator get an Acapella and get steam mask Inhale steam so your looking at 60.00$ for thumper,, Acapella 70.00$and steam mask 25.00$ ladies use this for facial . If your between 10%20% 30 %up to 60% lung function this will clear your lungs quicker .It took me 8 Years I still use my Thumper acapella and the steamer when I feel tight in my lungs. and of course you'll need puffers that the doctor gives you . Exercises Deep Breathing perst lips The Above will help you alot .Read up on it do your homework . sorry for all the mistakes .

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  • Sorry but 70% is stage 2 and you do know you have COPD. I was 69% when diagnosed, now 78% as i stopped taking meds, i only take Cannabis oil. But even at 78% which is borderline stage 2 ( 80% and up is stage 1) i still get SOB some mornings.

  • I hear what your saying swery I am just explaining lung function in the reverse the way i was explaining was like 70 % is mild but 30% is severe . so your way is fine in how to explain. If you take a lung function test if you only blow that little ball up to 30% your are severe if you blow it to 70% you are mild lung function . so we are both right .

  • Hi normanspoon. The measurement of 30%, 70%, etc is to show the level of FEV1 and is arrived at through spirometry testing.

  • I think you have your numbers a bit mixed up there, normanspoon. Here are the four GOLD standard stages for COPD:-

    An FEV1% of 80 and over is Normal.

    From 50% to 79% is Moderate

    From 31% to 49% is Severe

    From 1% to 30% is Very Severe.

    Someone with a FEV1% of 70% will certainly notice some shortness of breath upon exertion. They are at stage Two and most people are diagnosed at this stage.

  • Not called LaVerita for nothing :)

  • You forgot mild....Laverita lol 50% to 79% that's a big spread . I am at 50%to 55% i was at 57% 10 years ago I have dropped to 40% on a bad day like when I have to take the drugs that i had mentioned above .The drugs that make Leukotrienes ,, mucus . I know what's it 's like to be at 35% I was a smoker, when i quit I gained 22% lung function 8 months . smiles

  • Yes, normanspoon the 'normal' numbers do cover a wide range. I checked them before posting as I too queried those numbers. IMO they cover both the Mild and the Normal range.

    Before we get too comfortable with those numbers, the GOLD standard has changed their classification again. We are now categorised in four new stages. They are A, B, C and D stages. These stages are more complicated to figure out than the aforementioned numbers...which are already managing to confuse us.

  • Hi ,ya i looked it up on google sure enough .New 2017 gold Guide line for copd . so tell me I have a peak flow meter I blow in it three time and I take an average that's what i go by . I only do it once every two week. Tonight my chect feels tight so I just used it,,,,,it's now 1128 pm My peak flow is all around the 45% mark ok thanks for the information. Norm

  • Hi Normanspoon. A peakflow is used to measure the level of restriction in asthma, not COPD. To arrive at a FEV1 percentage means using a spirometer. :)

  • Oh ya i have also three Baretts just had them checked a month ago . are you taking anything for it i take ,,,APO lansoprazole ((prevacid) so we are at the same stage of copd ,,Once i take my meds I;ll go up 5%. good night

  • Norman what are Baretts? The only similarity I can come up with is barrettes which are hair clips and I don't think you're telling us you have three hair clips. Can you please fill us in.

    Sleep tight, Norman.

  • sorry about that i thought i talking to 02trees Barretts are sores in your oesophagus . Dr told me it's from drinking and smoking in my younger years .Later La verita lol

  • Welcome to the forum Norman - I know you were wanting to help, and your later points are good. I use a flutter device to do the same as your Acapello, steam inhalations work well for me too. And couldn't manage at all without pursed lip breathing. All the best.

    One of the good things about this site is the amount of knowledge we have between us. Always someone to correct if wrong information is given. I was just put right for suggesting on another post that the member should do a sputum test during an infection as the ABs weren't working well, and of course this is wrong.

    Don't anyone be afraid to correct something which is wrong - as long as it's done politely it's good. :)

  • Patricia7 here, Good evening. I am responding to your post O2Trees, Thank you. I recently had a chest infection, Dec. 2016 and was told by my G.P. to bring in a sputum specimen even whilst on antibiotics, which he put me on . He said that I could get a secondary infection so I might need more antibiotics, so in that case you may well be right O2Trees . Please feel free to share your thoughts.ie. other members also. Thank you Patricia7.

  • Gosh, thanks for this Patricia - I don't know what to think now. Guess all situations are different. And of course as came up in a different post yesterday, we aren't medics so caution is important with advice. I hope that chest infection did clear up :)

  • Do you know why you should not have a sputum test when on AB?

    Thank you

  • Looks like the reply saying you shouldn't have a sputum test while on antibiotics has been deleted Jackup. The member said that being on ABs would distort the result, which I have heard myself. But maybe there are times when it's thought necessary. Im now a bit unsure myself about it, sorry can't be more helpful.

  • And the one I put up o2Trees saying tha you can be resistant to an antibiotic and that would show up in a test done while on antibiotics. Don't understand why that was removed. I have had that happen to me

  • It wasn't 'removed'. If it was a reply to the previous member's reply it would disappear when they deleted their comment.

  • Thank you Mrsmummy. I wounder why the Member deleted it. It was a good point. Having a sample done while on abs could distort the results. But as it is not always possible to do that . There are other ways to test for infection if the doctor thought it was nesessery

  • Thank you

    My concern would be if the AB you are on does not seem to be working the sputum test may identify the specific bacteria and allow the doctor to prescribe an AB more suited to the specific bacteria, but that is simply speculation on my part.

  • Well that was where I was coming from too. Coughalot says below she will ask her respiratory nurse at her annual review.

  • Be interested to hear what she has to say.

  • I forgot to welcome you to the forum normanspoon so here's a big welcome to you.

  • I was told they had changed the parameters a few years ago and now 90-100% is considered a variation of the norm, 80-89 is mild, 50-79 is moderate, 30-49 severe and under 30% is very severe. These are the figures I have always used. Do we use the gold standard in the UK?

    I am due to have my annual review this month and will ask the copd nurse.

    Oh nice to meet you Norman and welcome to the site.

    We all help and support each other on here. x

  • It's meant to be the international standard Cough, so yes I think so. But be good to ask your nurse and see what she says. :) x

  • Fair enough. I will ask the nurse if they adhere to the gold standard, and if not what scale they use. Bev x

  • Does your annual review include a spirometry test or a PFT or neither?

  • At my last visit with my consultant. I asked him what stage my COPD was at. He asked if I wanted the uk version or the American . He gave me both the uk I am moderate and the American I am severe . But he doesn't go by them

  • Hi coughalot2

    This is what i have been told to

    Best wishes


  • Those numbers make perfect sense coughalot. I wish they'd stop messing around with the stages. These new A B C D stages contain more info but we' need to concentrate if we're to figure them out. I suspect they're combining the GOLD stages and the Bode index (stages) which are currently separate from each other. I'm on the cusp of severe and v. severe using the GOLD standard and on Bode I'm graded as very severe.

    I also wish doctors would quit saying GOLD four standard is 'end stage'. It scares people. We can live quite well with GOLD 4 for many years. It's only 'end stage' for the medical profession because they have nothing further in the way of treatment to offer us.

  • I find steam from when I am in the shower makes me worse.

    Would this steam mask thing be different

    I am copd and have25% lung capacity.


  • can you get someone to give you percussion twice a day you have to find a way to loosen the mucus at all cost the names of my gadgets are called hoMedics thumper and a wahl hand held and a Remington face steamer. purse lips . again You tube can help you . how to loosen mucus and extra 5/8 % makes a huge diff.in lung function . Normally copd is worst at night so a little deep or purse breathing will go a long ways .

  • Cold must bother you to going outside

  • If steam make you worst take you inhaler before going in the shower like a couple or three puff

  • Hi,Norman & welcome to the "group" & it's wonderful. My story is similar to yours& I'm curious: has your lung function improved to any degree since you started using the Thumper acapella? Also, I find excercise (walking) helpful & I've signed up for Tai Chi. We'll see! Did I mention that I'm 75 yrs. old?

  • #1 do you still bring up Mucus ? I used the thumper for 8 year if you use a thumper be careful that it doesn't vibrate your inner ear # Acalella is the best i still use it at times like today I will .

    I like the steam mask that works to .I did some deep breathing for 10 minutes earlier my peak flow meter took me to 55% and 60% today is a good .I have to get back on the program. HAHA. Keep up the good work . over and out .

  • Hi Normanspoon,

    That was very informative even though I don't really know what these gadgets are but at least I know they will help. I've just been diagnosed with moderate copd (59%) Has your lung function remained similar to when you were diagnosed 10yrs ago.


  • I lost about 5/7% in ten years just ask you tube what the gadgets are

  • Thanks for answering that's not too bad at all.. I want to try my hardest to keep on a level.You are obviously doing something right well done 👍

  • You know on this site people should at least say where they are from myself ontario canada, you at 59% .Am sure you can bring yourself up to 65% and up just by doing breathing exercises . Do you have a peak flow meter? i don't know where your from but i got mine in the USA in 2008 you can get them on Amazon I'll bet the house that not to many people have one.

  • Forgot to tell you that just by doing breathing exercises will loosen mucus. ah ya here another,, I used to do,,, Is take a water bottle cut the bottom out and blow in it as hard as you can that will give you the ability to cough up mucus from way down there honest . can you muster a good cough?

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